Income Activator Affiliate Program

Income Activator automatically registers you as an affiliate partner.

You're paid $30 when you refer someone that gets their own Income Activator website builder.

You can view your commissions by clicking on the top bar entitled 'IA Affiliates', then from the dropdown click on 'Commissions'.

Business Opportunity: You can even start your own business by creating websites for people through Income Activator's Website Builder.

Plus, you can consult from what you learn in the Marketing Strategies. After you build a website for a client, they'll love it, as they can login, make their own changes and do their own marketing without paying someone to do it.

Grace Period: You are only officially credited with an affiliate sale after the people you've referred have continued with their website for a minimum of 2 months.

When the 2 month grace period is over, we contact you to discuss a payment method and send you your payment.

Income Activator Affiliate Page

Your website comes with an Income Activator Affiliate Page, which you simply unhide when you want to promote the Income Activator Website Builder through your affiliate partnership.

You can see your Income Activator Affiliate page by clicking on the 'View' link in your Page Directory. To activate your affiliate program unhide this page by checking it off, then selecting 'Unhide A Page' from the dropdown above your page directory.  
This page can only be hidden, not deleted. You can edit it, however the description of the Income Activator program can not be edited, and is not visible to you in your Content Editor.

You can only view any editorial comments you make to this page, like a testimonial, which will appear above the Income Activator affiliate description. Please do not over sell. You don't have to. This program is superior to any other website builder out there.  
Top Bar Accessible:  When you unhide the Income Activator Affiliate page it will be accessible to your visitors from your top menu bar.

Bottom Bar Accessible:
  You can change that to your bottom menu bar. To do that, click on the Income Activator Affiliate page title, so it opens up in your Content Editor. Then click on the Advance Settings tab at the top. Scroll down to 'Menu Title Placement' and select 'Bottom' from the drop down menu, and click on the Save button.

Income Activator Affiliate Link

The Income Activator link at the bottom right of your website is an affiliate link connected to your account. When a visitor buys an account through this link, you earn a $30 commission.

Activation & Navigation

On your website template, in the bottom right, you'll see, in light text, 'Powered By'. This is an active affiliate link. If someone from your website clicks on this link and buys an Income Activator website builder, you will be paid $30.

1. Your Commission: This page is where you can find how many Income Activator accounts you've sold and the commission we owe you.

2. Affiliate Link:  Your account also comes with an affiliate link that you can copy and put anywhere on your website, or in emails you send out.

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