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One of the most attractive features of having an online business is the variety of ways of making money online. Below are some proven revenue streams. Pick one you feel most comfortable with. Once you begin making money online from it, you can then begin to incorporate other secondary revenue streams.
It is important, however to understand that your website is only 'online' office space. The only difference between a 'walk in' office and an 'online' office are the addresses. One has a postal or zip code, the other has a URL address. Like any business you need have a product or service that generates you revenue. 
It's in the Keyword Research section where you see how to select and/or focus your website on a specific product or service to generate revenue.              
Take the time to view each of the revenue streams and select the one you feel most comfortable with.  

1.    Pay Per Click - Google AdSense - Begin Now

2.    Pay Per Click - Your Own - Begin Now

3.    Referrals - Lead Generation - Begin Now

4.    Referrals - Directory - Begin Now

5.    Affiliates - Selling Product for a Company - Begin Now

6.    Affiliates - Selling Income Activator - Begin Now
7.    Membership Sites - Begin Now

8.    Creating Your Own Products - Begin Now

9.    Your Own EBook - Begin Now
10.  Online Store - Selling Your Own Products - Begin Now

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