Finding ClickBack Products

This page will show you how to find a product from ClickBank, get the affiliate link, and then add it to your online store.

The image below shows you what a ClickBank affiliate product would like in your online store.

1. When your visitor clicks on the 'Buy Now' button, they are sent to the affiliate's website to buy the product.
When your visitor does make a purchase, you make up to 75% commission.

Finding ClickBack Products

Got to and log into your account by clicking 'Login' at the top left of the website.

1. Marketplace Click on Marketplace at the top.
This page is where all of the affiliate products are listed.

2. Search Enter the kind of products you want to sell and click on the magnifying glass icon to do a search.
As an alternative to searching for products, on the left bottom of the Marketplace, you'll see the 30 categories that you can browse.

3. Product Name This is the name of the product. You should click on the product name to view the website, make sure it is a good looking website with a product worth buying.
Note: Look for the price of the product and write it down, you'll need it soon.

4. Promote When you decide on a product you want to sell, click on 'Promote'

Getting The ClickBank Affiliate Link

When you click on 'Promote', this window will popup.

1. Create Link Click on 'Create' to generate your link.
Your Account Nickname will already be filled in.
You don't need to enter anything in the 'Tracking ID' box.

Getting The ClickBank Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is now generated.

1. Affiliate Link Select this entire link with your mouse, then right click and click on 'Copy'.
This is the link you use to link text, images, or add to your online store.
The next step will show you how to add this link to your online store.

Adding ClickBank Products To Your Store

This is how to sell ClickBank products in your website's online store.

Start by going to 'Your Store' on the top menu, then from the dropdown click on 'Products'.

Enter the product's name.

1. Affiliate Product Link Right click in this box, then click on 'Paste' to paste the affiliate link you had just copied.
Make sure you copied it correctly, it should start with http:// and end with .net/

2. Price Enter the product's price. You can get this price from the affiliate's website.

3. Insert After you've filled in the product details, price, picture, category, and other details, click on the 'Insert' button at the bottom of the page.
Your product will now be added to your online store.

Adding ClickBank Products To Your Store

Your product is now for sale in your online store.

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