You can embed any website into your website. Instead of sending your visitor to another website, you can keep them on your site, and still provide them with the information they are looking for.

This is an example of a website embedded into a page on your website. Your visitors can see the embedded website, and click the links within it.

Your visitors will be able to use scrolling for longer websites.

Pay Per Click Referrals:  To see how to use an embedded website along with a Pay Per Click link click here.

Lead Generation Referrals: To see how to use an embedded website as a company landing page click here.

Example Of An Embedded Website

Below is an example of an embedded website,

How To Generate The Code Needed To Embed A Website

To embed a website go to the top menu and click on 'Pages'. Then from the drop-down menu click on 'Embed A Website'.

1. Embedded Website:  Paste or enter the website address in to the website address box. You must include the http://
     before the domain.

2. Generate Code:  Click the 'Generate Code' button.

3. Embed Code:  Select all of the code inside in this box and copy it.

How To Embed The Website Into Your Website

1. Embed:  Click on the 'Embed A YouTube Video' icon.

2. Paste Code: In the window that pops up, paste the code you copied.

3. Insert:  Click on the 'Insert' button.

4. Embedded Website:  The embedded website will show up in the content editor.

5. Page Title:  Enter a page title for this page.

6. Content:  You can put any content above or below the embedded website.

Now save your page and you're done!

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