Full Size Website Backgrounds

You can find website backgrounds by going to http://www.google.com/images and searching for something like 'Blue Wallpaper', then on the left side under 'Larger Than' select '4 MP'.

The images that show up will work for your website background, you need to download them to your computer and then click here (Your Account > Customize Your Website) to upload the background.

To see how to upload and add your website background, click here.

Heres some backgrounds that are ready to use, click on the thumbnails below to see the full size to download.

Note: These backgrounds might not look good on computers with monitors over 27".

Adding A Website Background Image

1. Click on the background you want to have it open in a new window.

2. Right click on the image, then click 'Save image as...'.
Save the image to a place on your computer that you can remember.

3. Now that your background image is saved, click on "Customize" on the top menu and upload your website background.

Adding A Website Background Image

Your website now has a tiled background that will work for all monitor sizes.

To see how to customize your website colours, click here.

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