How To View The Emails Collected Through Your Form

Your Income Activator Website Came with two forms:
1. Contact Us:  This is on your Contact Us page where your visitors can send you a message.
2. Opt-In Forms: There is an Opt-In Form on everyone of your website pages to capture the names and email addresses of your visitors to market to them.
Data Collection: Your visitor's entries are automatically entered into your Data Collection section as shown below.
Email Notification:  You can also have an email sent to you by clicking on the Form's Title and selecting the white tab entitled 'Thank You Page & Emails.'
Scroll down until you reach the category entitled 'Your Email Notification' and enter in your email address and click on save.
How To View Your Data Collection:  Here's how to view the email addresses and first names collected through the forms on your website.

1. Top Menu: Click on the top menu 'Messaging', then click on 'Mailing Lists'.

2. Mailing Lists:  Your mailing lists and the number of emails on it will show in a table to the right. Click on a mailing list that has 1 or more emails.

3. Email: In the table at the bottom, you can see the email addresses collected in this column.

4. First Name: You can see the first names collected here. First names are used when sending messages to add a personal greeting to the top of your email such as "Hi Robert,"

To see how to import and add emails into your mailing list, click here.

Forms With Mailing Lists:  Mailing lists are only created when you're 'Creating A Form' and you select the 'First Name' and 'Email Address' as the 'Answer Field' when creating the question.
To see how, click here.

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