Business = Stress = Illness -> The Tea Cure?!?

essiac tea

You can't run a successful business when you're sick! 

We are not well. We live in a world of stress and anxiety. We breath bad air, drink polluted water, and eat processed, and GMO foods.

We come down with a variety of illness, from headaches, and allergies, to major diseases like diabetes, and cancer.

So what do you do?  May be You should look at past natural remedies.

In the 1890s an Ojibwe Indian medicine man used a specific blend of herbs to brew a tea that cured illnesses. He gave the tea, and the formula, to a woman in northern Ontario that cured her of breast cancer.  

In 1922 this woman gave the recipe to Nurse Rene Caisse.  Rene gave the tea to her mother's sister who was diagnosed with an inoperable stomach cancer. She got better and lived an additional 21 years! 

Rene Caisse, started making batches of this tea, and eventually opened up a clinic, which reportedly cured thousands of people, for all types of diseases, and cancers. BIG Pharma found out about it and closed down her clinic!

The original formula of this tea is now available to you. See below.

I urge you to watch this video... for your own health!

My Personal Experience

Lee Romanov Internet consumer advocateI've been living with skin cancer for years, and managed it with laser surgery, and through an organic diet. It stopped the progression, but did not heal the open sores.

Then I met Robert King. His business associate,
Dr. Gary Glum, bought the original tea formula in 1985. Nurse Rene Cassie call the tea Essiac, which was the backwards spelling of her last name. 

So I tried this specific blend of Essiac Tea.

Like most products with big claims, I didn't expect much. But this time it was different.

I noticed a dramatic change in my mood,  I felt happier,  I didn't feel bloated, and my energy level seemed better.

Then after a month and a half of drinking this blend of Essiac Tea my sores disappeared, and now, months later, the cancer sores have not returned. 

I invite you to try this Essiac Tea, featured at the bottom of this page.
For me, I now have a cup of Essiac Tea every night. 

Become An Affiliate

Essica Tea Native RemedyThrough your Income Activator website platform, you can become an affiliate, and sell the original Essiac Tea on your own website, like I am. Before you do so, I strongly recommend you try the tea, so you can talk personally about the positive effects you experience.

You don't have to have an illness to experience the benefits of this tea. You may simply notice that you're mood, and energy level has improved, like I did.

This tea reduces inflammation which is the cause of many illnesses. I continue to drink this tea as it seems to keep my system in balance... it also tastes great too. A nice side benefit! 

Wellness Resort & Spa

spa essiac teaRobert King is in the process of opening up a small Wellness Resort & Spa, and is looking for investors. If you want to inquire about this opportunity, please email Robert at

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