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Focus on a Topic or Industry

You can target any topic or industry.

For example, if you wanted
a website on dogs, the keyword 'dog' is a very competitive, and your website would probably never be displayed ahead of other websites for that search term. However, the deeper you go into a niche market; you decrease your competition level, and increase your chances of capturing free online search traffic.

With this in mind, you can focus on a specific breed of dog, like an English Bull Terrier and you'll have a better chance of your website being displayed for online searches. This doesn't mean that your website can't still be about dogs, it just means 'English Bull Terriers' is what you lead with on your front page, with related content to capture free visitor search traffic.


Naturally, when someone searches for 'English Bull Terriers' they will expect to see information about English Bull Terriers on your front page, but your website can include other pages on toys for dogs, recommended vets, raw food diets, funny pet videos, and even pet insurance.

You should strive to become an authority in your niche market, anyone can become an authority by posting quality content and being active on social networks and forums that relate to their niche.

My website on insurance quotes included car, home, life, motorcycle, travel, and boat insurance. But I focused my main keyword phrase on the search term 'Lowest Car Insurance Quotes'. Once I got that search traffic to my website for lowest car insurance rates, I could funnel my visitors through my other referral programs.
If my main keyword phrase was 'insurance' my website would have never been displayed ahead of the competition from the bigger players in the industry focused on that keyword phrase.

Long Tailed Keyword Phrases

Long tailed keyword phrases are what you should use as your main keyword phrase. They are a string of three or more words and target phrases that the main stream markets don't go after. You can tap into the large amounts of search engine traffic using longer keyword phrases, rather than the traditional one or two word short tail keyword searches. 

Dog spinning

The long tail keywords define exactly what your website is about and how you want your website to be indexed under the search engines to be displayed for online search traffic. Some examples of long tailed keyword phrases are 'organic dog food', 'leather couch repair', and even more specific searches such as 'mesothelioma medical malpractice lawyer', which is one of the highest paying keywords online!

One word keyword phrases like 'car' are too general. You don't know if the person is searching for a new car, car repairs or car insurance.

One word keyword phrases are also what contribute to high bounce rates. You may think that having 45,000 unqualified people to your website is better than 1,000 qualified people, but that's simply not true as you can't measure your effectiveness and improve upon it.

Think Like A Consumer

If 90% of qualified visitors leave your website the second they get there, or stay but don't turn into revenue, you can fix that by tweaking your front page. If unqualified visitors don't turn into revenue, you have no idea what to do, other than to focus on getting qualified visitors.

Every visitor counts and should be making you money when they land on your website. If they aren't, you need to find out why, and fix it.

When searching for a keyword phrase using Google's Keyword Planner, try to think of the search term from the consumer's point of view. What words would they type into the search engine to find websites on that topic?
Phrases beginning with 'How To' or 'What Is' is a good place to start, i.e.; 'How to build a porch', 'What is the best online school', or 'How to save energy'.

Phrases with the words 'Tips' or 'Advice' can be very effective as well, such as; 'Tips on building a porch' or 'Advice on saving energy'.

Creating A Niche Website & Optimizing Your Pages

You should be able to optimize each of your web pages and change the headers, titles, description, and page address. Income Activator allows you to easily add these to each page of your website and shows you which keywords should go where.

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