power to the peopleThis short, funny video gives you the 'Secret to Success' in 3 little words. The message is clear... follow your dreams.

Many of us dream of having our own online business. Start today by getting your own website, with the software you need, to make your dreams happen. 

If you have an online business, but you're not making the kind of revenue you expected, consider promoting it through email marketing. But do it right.

Follow my emails and I'll show you how it's done.   Watch the video... Just Do it!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is NOT about 'buy my stuff'. Email marketing is about educating or entertaining. The buying will come naturally as people get to know you. 

When you send out an email, it should stand alone by either educating or entertaining without someone having to buy anything.

You can certainly make what you do available, that's a given, but first make someone's day by giving them a laugh, making them smile, or giving them some interesting information. If it's funny or has good information they may pass it onto their friends. This is called viral marketing

Viral Marketing 

Viral marketing is the ultimate goal, but it's NOT your first goal. Your first goal is to make your audience feel. Here's an ad that does this perfectly, and received over 3.8 million shares! It also gives you the formula on how to do this right. Write it down!

 The Formula Of A Successful Promotion

Authenticity / Confrontation / Tension / Revelation / Inspiration

Keep your promotions real, keep them insightful, and keep them human.

If you can't do that... Email Marketing
make them laugh ;-)

This page is dedicated to my sister. She's been telling me for years she wants to create a website, write a book and share her knowledge and experience with the world. It would be nice if she would do it in this lifetime.  ;-0

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