Your Income Activator website comes with an eBook entitled GET RICH... By Telling people Where To Go which is all about how to send leads to companies that pay you. 

get rich ebook free
Click here for your copy of the GET RICH eBook.

This eBook is yours to keep as our gift to you, and you can use it as a give a way promotion or you can make money from it by selling it on your online store.

You can set whatever price you want to sell it for, and keep 100% of the profits.

Presently the eBook is priced at $0.01 for you to do a test to see how your store Operates when selling eBooks.

There Are 2 Ways Seeing The Buying Process Of An eBook From Your Online Store.

1.   You can try purchasing the eBook for $0.01 after you add your Merchant or PayPal account.
To add your Merchant or PayPal account you simply click on the top bar entitled Store and from the drop-down menu select Payment Options where you can activate either your Merchant or PayPal account. Then simply go to your store and purchase the eBook.

2.  You can test purchasing the eBook with out adding a payment method.

To do that, go to your store and buy the book, you will not be charged. Then login to your editor, click on the top bar in titled Store and from the drop-down menu select Store Orders. 

To the right you will see an Order # as a link, click on it. When the page opens up to the right, mark the Order Status as PAID.

Once you do that you will receive an email directing you on how to get your eBook.



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