news reportsMy name is John, please I want to go into publishing of news and educational matters on my website.

My question now is will I get paid by Google AdSense each time my news is clicked on my website?

pay per click lead generation
Hi John,

You can add Google AdSense for free and Google pays you 68% of what the advertisers pay them.

You can also use Income Activator's pay per click program, using your own advertisers, and setting your own rates. Your clicks are automatically tracked and invoices created.

Here's a quick video explaining different types of leads:
Revenue Through Pay Per Click and Lead Generation

You can attach our Income Activator pay per click or lead generation to your existing website, or use our website builder.

Our website builder is superior to any other available and less costly.

Here's a quick comparison for your:
Income Activator Website Builder Better Than WordPress 

Please feel free to call me if you have any more questions.

All the best,
Lee Romanov
Author, TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires
647 693-1436

fast responseHello,

I wanna thank you for your swift responds.

I want you to please assist me in getting a free website and also teach me how I can register a Google AdSense.

I want to know if there is a way I can create a free website and start making online money

Income Activator website builderHi John,

To get your free ready-to-go website go to and complete the form on the front page.

You will also receive my eBook; TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires. It's a short read, interesting, and it perfectly outlines, step by step, how to make money from lead generation techniques such as pay per click and referrals. You'll love it!

When you register, your website is ready for you immediately, to begin adding your content.

In our Marketing section, it steps you through how to add Google AdSense, or you can call our online support line and they will show you how to do it. Your choice.

Plus, we can help you to capture the right look and feel you want.

Here are some website examples:
There are also many different templates to choose from.

Your website, mobile website, hosting, email messaging, unlimited band width, online support is all free. Your only cost is $60 per month which is for website maintenance and updates to keep your website current with the changing technology.

I'll see you on the other side!
Lee Romanov

Get Your Free eBook & Receive A Ready To Go Website

Your opinion has a market value. This book tells you how to generate an online income from the knowledge and experience you have right now.

You also receive a website to make it happen.

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