anti-spam TED Talk Guy emails back a spammer...
the result is hilarious!  Enjoy the video!

Spam is the new Censorship

You need to look at your Spam emails everyday as filtering has become more rigorous! It appears they're filtering out whatever they consider to be going against the 'accepted narrative' and are using 'arbitrary word selections'

I'm a grown up! I want my emails and I can make up my own mind what emails I want to direct into my Spam folder. That's how it use to be. Now the Spam Gods are doing this without your consent! It's complete censorship and it has gone too far.

Here's a perfect example. I email my sister every few days and without notice, half of her emails were being suddenly directed into my Spam folder! And there are NO obvious reasons for this. Then I started looking through my Spam and I was shocked to see what was being filtered out! Many of my business emails are arbitrarily being filtered to Spam too!

You need to go through your spam emails daily and keep marking the emails you want to have go into your inbox.  Do it today.  It's shocking what the Spam Gods are doing.

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