Have you heard the story of the Turkey who fell in LOVE with the Dog? 

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This homemade video has had over 339,800 views! people are profiting from these pet videos and you can too!
Ross Kaminshy, host of630 KHOW Radio has two French Bull dogs and he feels they should 'step up their game' and contribute to the family fund too! Lee Romanov and Ross enjoy and entertaining conversation on how this is done. Video below.

Love Happens

Who's Your Sugar Doggy! 

Ross Kaminshy, host of630 KHOW Radio asks Lee Romanov how her dog Shiner, an English Bull Terrier is paying his way from his online profits! 

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You can make money online from YouTube's viral & trending videos on animals using Google AdSense pay-per-click ads, affiliate products, and by sending leads to companies that pay you, as shown in this video.  

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