Knowing how to make people LAUGH & make MONEY online is PRICELESS! 

But for $20 we're telling you how ;-) at the LLlaughing All The Way To Bank seminar!

j corleyComedian and comedy teacher Jerry Corley, who wrote for The Tonight Show for Jay Leno, has teamed up with internet expert Lee Romanov who sold her last online business for millions.

Jerry will be presenting the Top 4 Laughter Triggers, how you can master them, and trigger a laugh at will. I will be showing you how to activate the Top Revenue Streams for the greatest online profits and easy ways of getting Visitor Traffic .

LLlaughing All The Way To The Bank

Laughter relaxes people, makes them fell good and feel good about you.

Visitors to your website are more likely to buy or follow your recommendations when you can make them laugh, plus your online profits will skyrocket when you have the right revenue streams in place! 

If you can make it, you need to be there. This presentation is being filmed for an online course and you will be getting the hilarious, uncut version live!  

LLlaughing All The Way To The Bank - Registration 

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Date, Time & Cost 

This 2 hour seminar costs only $20! It's on Sat., Jan. 12th, at
1 pm at Jerry's comedy club at:
1213 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506

There's only seating for 40 people! Tickets will go fast!

To Register, click here. 

I sent $5 leads to companies online and built a floating home in Bluffers Park Marina from the revenue I generated.  Your opinion holds a dollar value. I've mastered the 'formula to making money online' and will be talking about the power and profit of your recommendations!

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Here's a complimentary copy of my book;
 GET RICH... By Telling people Where To Go

Meet Jerry Corley

Jerry wrote for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show for 8 years pumping out hundreds of jokes weekly, and has written for comedians from Bill Hicks to Chris Rock.

Jerry Corley is the founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic and a comedy teacher. Plus, Jerry has been a stand up comedian for 25 years, and spent much of that time touring 30 to 40 weeks out of the year all over country.

Jerry has mastered the 'formula of how to be funny' and will be teaching you the Top 4 Laughter Triggers in this seminar. 

Register for the LLlaughing All The Way To The Bank seminar!

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