How To Delete A YouTube Video From You Channel

YouTube is continuously making life very difficult for people as a result of their arbitrary censorship for certain words.  

It appears that if you say anything that goes against whatever they considered to be the correct narrative you will be subject to your YouTube channel being deleted without notice.  

I strongly recommend that you carefully goes through your YouTube channel and remove any videos that you feel YouTube might take action against and cancel your account over and move those videos to other platforms.

FYI, is as bad if not worse than YouTube and YouTube owns

Here is how to delete videos from your YouTube Channel.

1. Open YouTube from your gmail.

2. Click on your company icon to the Right.

3. From the dropdown click on Your Channel.

4. Click on the blue button YouTube Studio.

5. To the right index click on Videos.

6. Hover to the right of the video you want to delete and 3 dots will appear.

7. Click on the dots and a box will pop up and click delete.

I have no idea why YouTube makes deleting a video so hard and hides its controls.

Delete a YouTube video a.png

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