Income Activator is a website platform which was created by Lee Romanov,  a consumer advocate, helping people save money online.

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Neither Income Activator, or Lee Romanov has never had any complaints, bad reviews, have been involved with scams, lawsuits or frauds. Lee Romanov is an advocate for the consumer fighting online businesses that take advantage of people.

torstar income activatorLee Romanov * Consumer Advocate

After Lee Romanov sold at her online business to media giant TORSTAR is when she discovered that the other website platforms were little more than an online brochure, and online brochures do not make money.

Furthermore, these website platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy and WIX do not offer pay-per-click and lead tracking software which all the big money companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Uber, Airbnb and most others make money from.  

This software is not given to entrepreneurs to help them create online wealth.

consumer advocate lee romanovInstead they are charged for revenue software, like an online store, where only 1% of their traffic may buy from them. As a result, very few online businesses ever generate income. 

Need Proof?   
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Lee Romanov recognized that these website platforms were nothing more than a way to extract money from entrepreneurs.

They lure them in by providing them with low-cost or free website platforms and then up sell them software that, ultimately, would never allow them to create true online wealth.

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As a result Lee Romanov created the website platform, Income Activator, which is an all-inclusive platform where you get all the revenue software you need; an online store, lead tracking, membership software and marketing strategies on how to create true online wealth.

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