You can embed another website in your Income Activator website so your visitors are not kicked off your website.

 Embedded Websites - Lead Revenue

embedding a websiteHere's an example of a law firm's website embedded in the Income Activator's website platform

You can create Referrals Forms and send leads you your own advertiser and embed their website in your website. Your leads are tracked and your invoices are automatically create through Income Activator's Lead Tracking Software.

To view this, click on the GET IN TOUCH button and you'll be directed to the Diamond Lawyer's website, embedded in this website.

Embedded Websites - Affiliate Pay Per Click Links

affiliate pay per click revenueHere is an example of a website with Pay Per Click Companies embedded in it.

Affiliate Pay Per Click companies can allow you to embed their websites in your Income Activator website and it then looks like part of your website.

The advantage is that you're paid 'per click' as opposed to 'per sale' like most affiliate programs. To find Affiliate Pay Per Click companies, search online for 'Affiliate Pay Per Click Insurance' or 'Affiliate Pay Per Click Mortgage' or Affiliate Pay Per Click Loans.'

Simply add the name of the industry you are looking for after the words when doing an online  search;  Affiliate Pay Per Click _____________.

Embedded Websites - Directories

embedded websites directoriesHere's an example of a Directory embedding it's referral companies in the website.

When you can embed other websites in your website, you don't kick visitor's off your website!

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