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We are have specialized knowledge in something that we can share with others to make their life more interesting or easier.

Almost any kind of information can be sold in an eBook to people looking for this type of information. For example, let’s say you recently purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle or even a cell phone, chances are that you may have spent an amount of time researching the best place to buy, or best product or for the best price. If you compiled your research in the form of an eBook and put it up for sale on eBay someone wanting your insight would buy it.

It's easy to create an eBook. All you need to do is click on one of the blank eBook Templates below and type in what you want to say. An easy way to begin is to write about your topic is to come up with the Top 10 Questions you feel people would want the answers to.Then make each of these question into its own chapter. Make these questions your index page. Then create a captivating title, add pictures, and links that generate a revenue for you . . . and you're done.

An eBook can range in size from as little as 10 pages to several hundred pages. It all depends on the length you feel is needed.

Creating A Captivating eBook Title

A good way of finding a captivating title is to look at magazine covers. The headlines you see on the covers,sell these magazines, so find a captivating headline you like and make it into a book title. 'How To' Titles also work well. We also have a full article on how to choose a bestselling ebook title.

Add Pictures To Your eBook

It's true that a picture is worth a 1,000 words so pick good ones. You can find pictures in Google Images. It's legal for you to take someone's picture that you find online as long as it isn't protected by copy rights. You can identify this by a water mark on the picture. Another good way of finding greatpictures is through stock photography websites. Many pictures you can get for free from these websites. Here are some websitesyou can go to find top quality pictures for free; Flikr & Turbo Photo & Stock Exchange.

Add Revenue Links To Your eBook

Just like putting up links that generate revenue for you on your website, you can add these same links in your eBook. Make sure that the links embedded in your eBook compliment the content in your eBook.

You can add Pay Per Click Links, where an advertiser will pay you for sending someone to their website, or you can add an Affiliate Company Links where a company will pay you when a purchase is made.

Pay Per Click Links operate exactly like Google AdSense links where an advertiser pays per click for sending a visitor to their website. However, Google ads cannot be added to an eBook, but you can add your Income Activator Pay Per Click Ads to your eBook.

You can make money from Income Activator's Pay Per Click Ads that you can add them to your eBook.

Affiliate Company Links pay you when a reader clicks on a link in your eBook and goes to a website and makes a purchase of a product or service, see how to make money through affiliate programs.

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