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eBook Templates

Adding Content & Links To Your Ebook

How To Sell An eBook In Your Online Store

How To Test Buying An eBook

How To Publish Your eBook On Amazon Kindle

Over 50 Tips For Writing & Selling Your eBook

How to Choose a Best Selling eBook Title

What Makes Up A Great eBook

How To Create Your eBook

Hardcover - Print On Demand

You can create your eBooks and sell them using your Income Activator store, and simply register for PayPal for payment.

For people who want to buy a Hardcover Copy you can set it up to do 'Print By Demand' using Ingram Sparks, which includes Amazon & Barnes & Nobles.

You can also get your ISBN Number:  Bowkers ISBN  $100 Cost

Average cost for a Hardcover $24.95 / Softcover $19.95 / eBook $9.98

Stock Image - Should cost about $12 to $60 -  Istockphoto

(Medium 300 dpi - Get the large image) Also found on Shutterstock

Make Money While Writing Your Book

great strategy to make money while writing or selling your book is to combine your articles index with your story telling index.

Use your article index as a book index either to write or promote your book. 

Then link revenue generating pages to your index topics.

1.  When your visitor clicks on the link, they get good information, which should be around 300 to 500 words in length.

2.  You need to also give them
an action encouraging them to fill out your referral form, sending either yourself or leads or another company leads.

You can even get leads first, then call a company you want to send leads to and give them their first lead for free.

3.  If you've written your book, add it to your online store, or if you're writing a book, consider doing a quick eBook highlighting 15 interesting aspects of your topic, using one of the eBook templates that comes with your site, and add it to your store.

4.  You can also add some affiliate products you believe your visitors would buy.

5.  You could also send leads to companies using your own pay per click links.

6.  You get a viral video from YouTube, with at least 5,000 views, or is trending, to get you search traffic.

7.  Anyone that wants to share their story with you, could also  want you to send them leads.

When you feature their story, in your stories section, and send them a link, when they share it with their friends and family, you will get more traffic, more stories, and more lead revenue sources.

Their stories may also add to your book’s content.

8.  As your story is engaging and it progresses your visitors will also want to stay updated.

9.  You can also add Google AdSense, or Ad Media ads to your page.

Make sure your page is so interesting you could barely wait to share it. Then, email a link to this page to your friends, family, and if you have an existing list, and ask them to share it, and to share their stories with you too.

Then do the same thing next day, grab an amazing video from YouTube, add some earth shaking content, new products, and email a link to your page to your growing list of followers.

Generating more traffic and more revenue everyday.

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