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Your Income Activator (IA)  website includes a fully functional CBD Store
If you have an IA website you can add easily add this product line. Section 16 of your Marketing Manual shows you how.

Your CBD Store
This is the fastest growing industry and all entry barriers have been removed.

1. Have your own CBD website or include this product line within your website.

2. Payments & shipping are done for you. You receive 20% commission on every sale.

3. These CBD products are lab tested, no THC and are full spectrum. Over 1,000 retail stores have been selling these proven product lines for over 4 years. 

Legality:  Many states have the own laws CBD. You need to do your own research. 
Here is a guide to where CBD is legal throughout the USA.  

3 New Revenue Streams

You have 3 new revenue streams. All you need to do is promote them!

1. CBD Product Sales
The biggest barrier to this industry finding a Merchant to process your sales. We've taken care of that for you! All payments and deliveries are done for you. You receive 20% commission on every sale, and you're paid monthly. 

Products are continually being added, keeping your store current, and you can add your own products to your own online store. 

Your Own CBD Online Store2. Selling Retailers
You have the opportunity to present these product lines to retailers and receive 10% commission on all re-stocking orders.

3. CBD Website Sales
You can also sell these CBD Websites to retail stores, your visitors and to your own network. 

For someone to get their own CBD website simply send them to this page on your website, and you'll receive 50% of the subscription fee monthly. 100 website sales is $3,000 per month for you! Here's more on how the Affiliate Program works.

Sell Your Own Products & Affiliate Products
Your Income Activator website also comes with a separate online store where you can sell your own products and affiliate products.

Compare Prices
These products are selling in over 1,000 retail stores throughout the USA for much higher prices then are on your CBD store, giving you a huge competitive edge. Some retailers are selling these products for double the price, compared to your store prices.

Product Quality

These CBD products are pure, lab tested, no THC and are full-spectrum.  

This service will ship anywhere, worldwide, however it's up to the laws of your State, Province and Country to whether the order is able to successfully be delivered. 

To get your own CBD Website, complete the form to the top right.

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