Creating Pages 

When 'Creating A Page' you simply type in your Page Titles, Content, and click on the Save button. Advanced users can use HTML.

There is a Text Editor where you can bold, change your font, size, and color of your text, much like you would when using a word document.

You can also 'Hide This Page' so visitors cannot see your page until you are ready to show it. 

There is a 'Formatting Link' in the yellow box, which displays all of the icons and their uses.

When copying content into your website page there may be formatting codes that can corrupt your page.

This is when you're copying content from Word, a PDF file or a page on another website.

To remove these formatting codes, copy the content into the grey box beneath the white content box. 

It will remove all the code built into the content of that page, so it won't corrupt the formatting of your website page. 

You can then copy the 'cleaned' content into the white content box above, format it, and create your page. You can also use the 'Remove Format' icon.

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