Videos Are Important

Videos have become an essential part of Internet marketing and website content.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing will display websites with videos, ahead of websites without videos.

YouTube has now become its own search engine for 'How To' videos.

90% of all YouTube videos are available for you to put on your own website to enhance your website's content.

Viral videos, as simple as a lLlaughing baby lLlaughing can drive 1,000's of visitors to your website. This video has been viewed over 36 million times on YouTube. To view more examples of videos like this, click here

Where To Find Videos
Websites like and are great resources for finding videos to upload on your website.
For more information on this, click here.            
How To Use Videos On Your Website   

1. How To Embed A YouTube Video Into A Page - This only takes a few minutes. 
2. How To Download A YouTube Video - This shows you how to download videos from YouTube to your computer.

3. How To Sign Up For A YouTube Account - You need an account to upload videos.

4. How To Upload A Video to YouTube & Optimize It For Search Engines

5. How To Upload Private Or Member Videos Using Vimeo

6. How To Use Corel Video Studio To Edit & Create Videos

7. How To Download, Edit & Upload A YouTube Video - Learn how to use Corel Video Studio to edit a video you download from YouTube.
8. How To Get Traffic By Creating A Video That Responds To High Traffic Videos

1. Both and SaveVid will allow you to save a YouTube video on your computer. 

2. allows you to upload videos from your computer and put them on you Income Activator website.

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