Pay Per Click Ad Companies & Pay Per Click Affiliates

Pay Per Click Ad Companies - Least Profitable

You can provide information on a topic you're interested in, and put pay per click ads on your website and be paid by companies like Google AdSense, when an ad is clicked, as you can see to the right of this page. If you can not see these ads to the right of this page you may be using ad blocker or they may not be visible to your location.

Pay Per Click Affiliates - Most Profitable 

A more profitable PPC strategy to become an affiliate of a pay per click program and embed their website within your website so your visitor is not kicked off your website like they are with the PPC ads. Plus, these targeted affiliate programs pay more.

Here's an example website you can own through Income Activator using affiliate companies to make money now:  Compare & Save Website

To own you must register for your own Income Activator website, then contact us with your request.

You can register for these PPC leads right now for;
Insurance (paying $1 to $40)
Mortgage (paying $1 to $40)
Loans (paying $1 to $18)
Credit Cards (paying $40 to $200 in commission).

* You can find your own PPC Affiliates by searching for a specific topic, like insurance i.e. 'Insurance PPC Affiliate'.

NOTE:  Your Income Activator platform is pre-build with an online office supply store (paying up to 15% commission).
This is like owing your own Staples store with 50,000 products. Here how to market it and make money from it. Read more...

PPC Ad Companies

There are several pay per click advertising affiliates you can register with for free. 
To find companies offering PPC Ads search for 'Pay Per Click Registration'.
These companies need to see that you have attached a domain name to your website, and have at least 20 pages of unique content before they will become an affiliate of yours.

With PPC Ads, you can also sign up to advertise you own business. Here are a few of companies to get you started:

4. Speedy Ads, Click here

2. (Bing) Registration Click here.

3. Registration Click here.

3. Registration Click here.
5. Registration Click here. 
To register, click on the top bar entitled GET STARTED, then from the menu click on PUBLISHERS.
Then click on the GET STARTED green arrow, and complete the form. 
6. Google AdSense Registration Click here.
Tutorial On How to Register for Google AdSense, click here.
Google Ads  How to place Google ads on your website,
click here.

Click Revenue  How to review your clicks and revenue, click here.

Income Activator's PPC Program
  To start your own Pay Per Click program, click here.

How Pay Per Click Ads Work

make money through PPC ads
To view an example of Google Ads on a website page, click here.

A 'click' can be worth anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. Some people surpass $20,000 a month from Click Revenue based on a 'Content Only' website with Google AdSense. Although, to make that kind of money requires thousands of visitors to your website on a regular basis.

Make Money Like Google Makes Money
To have Google Ads run on your website, all you do is sign up for Google AdSense program, which is free and easy to do.

Make $100 A Day To see what's required to make $100 per day on Google AdSense, click here.

By registering for AdSense, you're giving Google permission to display their clients' ads on your website pages. You can choose which pages you want to run Google's ads on. For displaying ads with AdSense for Content, website owners receive 68% of the amount Google collects from advertisers. For AdSense ads on Google Custom Search, website owners receive 51% of the amount collected from advertisers. To learn more about Google Custom Search, click here.
This revenue stream is great for getting started right away. You don't have to talk to anyone and can set it up online 24/7.

Authority Websites         

The key to making money from Authority Websites is to know what people are searching for online.

It's far better to have 200,000 people a month searching online for your topic, than only 100 people a year searching.

In your Keyword Research section, it shows you how to pick a topic people are searching for online and how to find advertisers that are paying the highest dollar value per click.

You'll make more money by selecting a 'search term' people are searching for and find where there's an 'information need' in the market. Make sure you do this research before creating your Authority website.

Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love authority websites with good content and will display them for online searches ahead of websites that have little content or that are just trying to sell products.
If you can write, assemble pictures or videos, you can make money through Google AdSense from a content based website. 

Pictures & Videos Are Great To Use For Website Content  

You can even use pictures and videos you find online as content!

can be used as content for your Pay Per Click Revenue Model. Here's why, click here.
To view an example of Google Ads, click here.

Videos can be used as Content for your Pay Per Click Revenue Model. Here's why, click here.
To view an example of Google Ads, click here.

Google AdSense Tips

If you want to use AdSense to monetize your website or blog, there are a couple tips you should keep in mind.
1. Make sure you have some decent content on your site before you apply. If you are using a blog, then aim at 7-10 posts before you apply. Just ends up being quicker, rather than having your site denied.

2. If you do get denied, adjust your site accordingly and reapply with another Google account.

3. Once you're approved for one site you can use AdSense on any site you also own. 

4. Learn the terms of service and don’t break any of the rules. You will be caught and you will be shut down.

5. Never click your own ads, or get friends or family too.
They will know and you will be shut down.

6. Feel free to use non-contextual ads alongside AdSense. You can use both affiliate offers and AdSense with no problem.

7. You can have 3 ad sections per page.

8. Make sure your ads fit on your site. Don’t have ads that stick out of the sidebar and appear cut off.

9. Blend your links into the site. Choose your own custom colors for ads. Match them with your website color scheme.

10.  Add lots of content to your site. The more content that people can find and share, which leads to ad views and clicks.

11.  Don’t add images with arrows etc… pointing at your ads. If you encourage clicks, you will be shut down.

12.  Adding AdSense Search to your site is a good way to increase your ad revenue. 

13.  Don’t have any illegal stuff on your website like porn, illegal downloads, drugs, etc. You will be shut down.

Advantages Of Google AdSense

Google's Pay Per Click revenue stream is great for getting started today. 
Even if you're a one finger typist, having a revenue producing website using the Google AdSense program is easy to do.
You don't . . .
1.  Need a programmer.

2.  Need to get your own advertisers.

3.  Have to talk to anyone, get approval or even leave your home.
Google AdSense is free and easy to sign up to.
Google pays you a percentage of what they get paid per click from the advertiser and when your account reaches $100, you can instruct Google to either send you a check or to do a direct deposit into your bank account.
You can create as many website pages of content as you wish. The more pages you have with Google ads on them, the more money you have the potential to make.

Disadvantages Of Google AdSense

Google only pays you a percentage of each click.

Google decides which ads to place on your website. Ads for dating websites or mail order brides could appear on your website.

Google's search personalization changes the ads based on people's searches, ads for skiing could appear on your cooking website if the person had searched for skis earlier.

You can't recommend the companies advertising to your visitors.
Be Careful

Don't fall into the temptation of clicking on your Google Ads to make you money.

When you register, you agree not to click on your own ads and after they track your clicks, you will be shut down.

7 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Own PPC Program

Once you get comfortable with getting paid by Google for running their ads on your website, you may want to switch to your Income Activator's Pay Per Click Ad program where you get to keep 100% of your revenue. 

To learn more about Income Activator's Pay Per Click program, click here.

If you're already using ads from search engines on your website, it doesn't mean you have to stop. You can simply begin to incorporate your own advertisers into your website too. This means that if your search engine ads stop pulling in the kind of revenue you expect, or if your search engine ad program stops entirely, you have your own advertisers still generating revenue for you.  

1. Keep 100% Revenue: With Google AdSense, you make about 68% of the click revenue, with Income Activator's Pay Per Click program, you keep 100%. There is no middle man.

2. Set Your Own Rate: You can set your own pay per click rate instead of having to rely on Google's rates that you have no control over.

Personalization: Google personalizes the ads the person sees on your website based on the visitor's previous search history. This often doesn't match what your website is about which reduces the number of clicks. For example, if your website is about food and the person loves skiing, skiing ads may appear on your food website. However the person would be more inclined to click on a food related ad when looking at recipe ideas than what new ski boots to buy. You have control over your ads and advertisers and match your advertisers to the type of visitors you're attracting. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

4. Can't Encourage Clicks: Search engines have to protect themselves against fraudulent clicks because their advertisers would stop advertising if the leads were fake. Therefore, they would remove you from their click program if you encourage your visitors to click on their ads. With your Income Activator program you encourage clicks with your recommendations to your advertisers because you know who they are and what kind of visitors they are looking for. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

5. No Control: You are at the mercy of the search engines allowing you to run their ads on your website. If they take you off for whatever reason, you're doomed. You are not told how much money you make per click or which advertiser ads your visitors are clicking on. This being the case, it's impossible to do any real revenue projections.

By running your own advertising programs you know which ads are being clicked on, how many leads you're sending to your advertisers and you set your own advertising rates. You can divide out your referral programs with several advertisers. If one advertiser leaves, you're fine.

6. The Ads Don't Have To Look Like Ads:  Search engine ads and banners are often ignored by visitors because they look like ads. With your own program you can customize the look and feel of your links and put them where you want. They can even appear as simple text links in the middle of an article. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

7. Keep 100% Of The Revenue:  With search engines ads you get don't know which percentage they are giving you, an average commission rate is between 5-10%. With Income Activator referrals you receive 100% of your referral rate which you set yourself. Leads generally pay more than Pay Per Click ads which means you can ask for a higher referral rate than a click is worth. 

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