This video walks you through Income Activator's Ready To Go Website. 

You see what each page is for, how to edit your pages & how each page is focused on making money online.

You can also create your own look and feel, pages, and templates.

Video Index - Time Slot References

Page Edit - 4:28,  Page Directory - 5:35,  Copy Page Template - 6:20,  Domain Name & Emails - 8:26, 
Logo & Title - 10:01,  Home Page 10:31,  SEO - 11:26,  Background Image - 13:45, Forms - 14:27, 
Email Messaging - 16:43, Page ID #s - 18:13,Office Supply Store - 19:27,  Online Store 22:36, 
Payment Options - 23:42, eBooks 25:21, Memberships - 25:32,  Affiliate Companies - 26:07,  Services- 27:02, 
Pictures - 27:50 & 106:01, Videos -28:31, Business Resource Leads - 32:36, Pay Per Click Links - 33:30,  
Leads To Multiple Companies - 38:41, Articles & Videos - 40:32, Interviews - 45:45, Stories 47:33,  
Authors - 55:10,  Business Directory - 58:03,  About Us - 103:10, Bottom Menu Bar - 104:07, 
Moving Pages to Sub-Pages - 104:33, Adding Your Store To Pages - 104:55, 
SSL Security Certificate - 105:01, Restore Old Pages - 105:26, Contact Us - 105:34. 

Login To Your Website Editor

Go to

Then enter in the email & password you registered with.

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Customizing Your Website

You can easily customized your website by adding own Content, Pictures, Videos & Links.

Your Income Activator website can take on any look and feel you wish, below are some examples. 

Revenue Streams

50,0000 Products - You get a ready-to-go store with 50,000 office products (US delivery locations only). To purchase a website with these products would cost around $25,000. This is included in your starter website. You can also use your online store to sell your own products, affiliate products, or to create and sell your own eBook. Read more...

Leads - Our software allows you to send leads to companies you recommend, and get paid for it. You recommend companies everyday. Which Spa to go to, or accountant to use, or which law firm gives free consultations. But when you do it online, you can get paid for it. Our software tracks your referrals and creates your invoices.

Directory - You can send one lead to multiple companies at once and get paid by each. For instance, you can set up a website of companies that bid for business. If you have 10 companies each paying you $10 to bid, as in this painting website below, each visitor completing your referral form will earn you $100.

You can also be your own Angie's List by sending leads to companies you recommend. You can start by using your business card collection, sending leads to business you know that want you to recommend them. 

Pay Per Click Ads - You can be your own Google and charge companies you recommend per click.  

You can also register for Google AdSense, and copy in Google ads into any page of your website.  Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them, when a visitor to your website clicks on one of their ads. It's free to register for Google AdSense.  

Example Websites 

Customized Website Backgrounds

You can easily change your background image to fit your own look and feel. If you're too busy to customize your website, or simply don't want to, you can hire one of our webmasters to customize it for you. Customized Help.

Included   Not Included
Features That Run On Other Websites & Blogs

Features & Add-Ons
Total Monthly Cost
Including Hosting
All Inclusive
Online Forms
$25 - $65
$8 - $25
$25 - $200
Online Store
$19 - $149
Ready-To-Go Website                
Ready-To-Go Mobile Website                
Customized Website                
Create Pages By Typing                
Add Pictures, Videos, Links                
Photo Albums & Sliders                
Can Edit HTML Code                
Page Templates                
Easy Maneuverability                
Picture Albums                
Revenue Models                
Online Store (eCommerce)                
Your Own Affiliate Program                
Sell Your Own eBook                
Sell Affiliate Products                
Sell White Label Products                
Memberships / Subscriptions                
Google Pay Per Click (PPC)                
Your Own PPC Referrals This feature can run on other websites.                
Send Leads To Companies This feature can run on other websites.                
Directory Referrals This feature can run on other websites.                
Income Activator (IA) Affiliate                
Build & Sell IA Websites                
Unlimited Email Messaging                
Import Names & Emails                
Personalized Emails                
Open, Click, Bounce Tracking                
Marketing Strategies                
Search Engine Optimization                
Create Forms & surveys This feature can run on other websites.                
Form Auto Responders This feature can run on other websites.                
Embedded Forms This feature can run on other websites.                
Website Hosting                
Unlimited Bandwidth                
Unlimited Storage                
Personal Email Accounts                
Business Gmail Email                
Create A Blog                
Visitor Comments                
Help & Support                
Article & Product RSS Feeds                
Free $100 AdWords Coupon                
Additional Login Accounts                
Google Analytics              

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