Proof You Can Do Anything... With Nothing!

How long would you have to work, to buy a house, and pay off your a mortgage? 100 years?!

This kid  takes a red paper clip and in under 15 trades owns a house.

You've heard about it... but have you seriously considered  how easy this is... in comparison to what you are doing right now?!  
He simply posted a red paper clip on CraigsList and did trades.

Plus, the experiences that opened up to him was incredible! From being on the stage with Alice Cooper to having a house party with over 3000 guests! That's it! 

There's not one thing that he did that you couldn't do right now! Trading Is BIG Time!

Have you ever considered launching a website that traded stuff for people?!
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Internet consumer advocateIn the spirit of trading... I will trade a website, of your design, and a years worth of hosting, a value of $2,850 
for $500 in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To make the trade, send me a message, click here.

Here's a video of Kyle MacDonald telling you exactly what he did.

And he says... "If he never traded that red paper clip online... he'd simply be a guy in an apartment with an idea... and a red paper clip."  

Here Are Kyle's Trades In Order

Start With A Paper Clip - Red if possible.

Red Paper clip for house

1st Trade - Fish Pen  - Definitely an upgrade!

fish pen for house

2nd Trade - Door Nob With Face - Spooky. 

door nob for house

 3rd Trade - Camper Stove - Things are heating up! 

camping stove for house

4th Trade - Generator - Gaining power!

generator for house

5th Trade - Budweiser Sign & IOU To Fill Keg - It's becoming a party!

Keg of beer for a house

6th Trade - Snow Mobile - Things are speeding up!

snowmobile for house

7th Trade - 2 Trips to the Canadian Rockies - We have take off!

2 trips for a house

 8th Trade - A Truck - We're on the right road!

truck for house

9th Trade - Recording Contract - Life's a song!

recording contract for house

 10th Trade - 1 Year's Free Rent - We're moving in! 

 11th Trade - Afternoon With My Boss... Alice Cooper! - School's Out!

Alice cooper for house

 12th Trade - KISS Snow Globe - What?!

kiss snow globe for house

13th Trade - Paid Roll in Hollywood Film - We've hit the big times!

Hollywood roll for house

14th Trade - Home Sweet Home - Kyle's Paper Clip Home  

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