Your Website Tour

Website Tour: This 5 minute video demonstrates your Website Features and how to navigate through your website.         
To increase the video size for viewing, click on the arrow icon, right of the play bar, after the video begins playing.
Marketing Strategies: These are the recommended programs to grow your online business. The Marketing Strategies below take you through the sign up process, as you need them. 
Free Programs
1. Cross Loop - Allows for 'Dial In' Online Support
2. Google Gmail - Create a Google Email
3. Google Business Email - Create an email containing your Domain Name
5. Google AdSense - Place Google Ads on your website
6 GoDaddy - Register a Domain Name
7. Microsoft Speech Recognition - Turns your voice into text
8. YouTube - Place videos on YouTube
9. Free Calling - Google's Phone & Video Chat

10. PayPal - How To Add A PayPal Buy Button
Recommended Programs to Purchase
1. Snagit - Take screenshots of pictures and edit images.
2. Corel Video Studio - Create and edit video presentations
3. Sliderocket - Create and edit slide presentations

Note: Please set up a place to keep all your Passwords.
Income Activator cannot help you if you lose your Logins or Passwords to any of the above programs.

Marketing Strategies

The most attractive feature of having an online business is the variety of ways to make money online.
This 10 minute video introduces you to 10 proven Revenue Models. The 'Begin Now' links beside each of the revenue models shows you how to begin earning an online income from each revenue model. To begin, select the one Revenue Model you feel most comfortable with. Once you begin making money from it, you can then incorporate other secondary revenue streams.
Once you decide on a Revenue Model, go through the steps below on how to create and grow your website business.
Content or Authority Websites 
Here's the formula for making money online - Begin Now

Revenue Models
1.   Pay Per Click - Google AdSense - Begin Now

2.   Pay Per Click Referrals - Income Activator - Begin Now

3.   Lead Generating Referrals - Begin Now

4.   Directory Referrals - Begin Now

5.   Affiliates - Selling for Companies - Begin Now

6.   Affiliates - Selling Income Activator - Begin Now
7.   Membership Site - Begin Now

8.   Creating Your Own Products Begin Now

9.   Creating Your Own EBook - Begin Now

10.  Your Own Online Store - Begin Now

 How To Create Your Website

The following 3 videos show you how to create a website with revenue streams.
They will provide you with the introductory information necessary to begin creating you own website.
1. How to create 5 Revenue Streams in 5 Minutes, click here.
2. How to Create an Online Store, click here.
3. See how a 13 year girl created a website with her own product lines, click here.

Steps To Growing Your Online Business


Step 1.
Select a Revenue Model that will make you money from visitor traffic. 

Step 2.  Generate visitor traffic to your website.

Step 3.  
Make sure your Revenue Model is the 'Action' your visitor traffic takes. 

The sections below take you through the steps for creating a revenue generating website that you can personalize to your area of interest or business.

Domain Name: If you have a Domain Name and want it attach right now, click here, 
Although, it's recommend you first review the section below entitled 'Domain Name.' 

Computer Set Up

Computer Set Up: Here are some tips to make your life easier when working on your computer: 
How To Have 2 Of Your Income Activator Contact Editors Open On The Same Computer.    

Free Calling - Set yourself up with Google's free calling and video chat.

Adding The Google Tool Bar

Setting Google As Your Default Search - This allows you to search through your address bar in Internet Explorer.

Delete Disruptive Cookie Memory Files

Don't Get Banned from Google:
To see how to avoid it, click here.

Don't Get Banned from Income Activator: To see how to avoid it, click here.

Be Passionate


Be Passionate: You can have a website about anything want.

To see how,
click here

 Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals:
Make sure your goal of making money is clearly laid out.

To see how to do that
, click here.

Keyword Research

Find What Is Being Search For: Keyword reasearch is discovering what 'keyword phrases' people are searching for online and what advertisers are paying for these keyword phrases.

Select A Search Term: By selecting a 'keyword phrase' that your website content is focused on, will get people searching for that term to your website.

Make Recommendations: By knowing the 'keyword phrase' people are searching for to get to your website, you can make recommendations that lead into your revenue streams.  

To begin, click here

Domain Name 


Choosing Your Domain Name:
Your Website Name is commonly referred to as a Domain Name. 

To see how to select the right Domain Name(s) for your website, click here.

Attaching Your Domain Name To Your Website


Attaching Your Domain Name:
Your website is not visible to the public until Income Activator attaches
your Domain Name to your Income Activator website.

Once you have your Domain Name(s) registered with either GoDaddy or someone else, click here.

You can also forward your Domain Name to your website when it's live, here's how.

Create A Business Email Account & Business Cards

Business Email:
Google offers a free business email account that operates exactly like Gmail with the added feature of your website address included in your email, giving you a more professional look.
To see how and where to register for a Google business email, click here.

Business Cards: For a free order of business cards, click here.

 Home Page

Home Page: Make sure your website is your Home Page.

By doing so, you will be constantly monitoring your website. If you ever notice that your website is down, call 949 545 4211.

To see how to set up your website as your Home Page,
click here.

 Adding Google AdSense for Ads to be Displayed on Your Website


Google AdSense:
You can immediately create a revenue stream with Click Ads.

Google offers a free program, called AdSense, which allows you to display advertiser's ads on your website.
When a visitor to your website clicks on a Google Ad, you are paid a percentage of what Google is paid by their advertiser.
To see how to set up Google AdSense, click here.

Google Analytics Tracks Your Visitor Traffic

Google Analytics: 
Google Analytics is a free program that tracks your visitor traffic.
It also has a variety of other measuring functions available to you.
To see how to set up Google Analytics, and the other features it offers, click here.

Make Sure Your Website Pages Don't Have Errors


Google Webmaster:
Google Webmaster is a program that finds errors in your website pages. 

These page errors
block the Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing from displaying your website pages in online searches.
To see how to set up Google Webmaster, and for more about what it offers, click here.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:
You need to respect the privacy of your Visitors and inform them of your Privacy Policy.

There are many ways of doing this. To view, click here.

 Sales Path

Sales Path:
Know your sales path to making money.

When a visitor comes to your website you need to have created a clear sales path for them to follow.

It is the actions of your visitor traffic that will ma
ke you money.

To find out how to do this, click here.

 Niche Market


Niche Marketing: The key to a profitable niche website is to focus it around a single market, product or service.
For more information about niche marketing, click here.

Google Places

Google Places:
You have the opportunity to list your business with Google for free, 
and have your business displayed in online searches. To find out more, click here.
Google Map: To see how to add a Google Map to your website, click here.

Content - Creating Good Content 

Writing: Make money from original content.
To see how, click here.
Pictures: Make money through pictures. To see how, click here.
Videos: Make money through videos. To see how, click here.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing: To see how to collect email addresses and build a client list, click here.
Selling From Your Email List: To see how to sell using your email list, click here.
Selling From a Promotional Partner's Email List: To see how, click here.

Getting Visitors To Your Website 

Visitor Traffic: To see over 50 ways getting visitors to your website, click here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To see how to get visitors to your website through SEO, click here.

Social Media: How to get visitor traffic through social media, click here.            

Article Marketing:
Here's how to get people to your website through Article Marketing, click here


Media: Use the media to get your message out.

To see how, 
click here. 

Outsourcing Labor


When you need help, there are outsourcing services available.

To find out more, click here.


Don't Get Banned from Google:
To see how to avoid it, click here.

Don't Get Banned from Income Activator: To see how to avoid it, click here.

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