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I get asked that all the time. How long will it take for me to make money online with the Income Activator website platform?

It's like someone asking me how long will it take for you to learn how to play piano if you buy one? Or, if you buy an e-Book template, how long will it take you to write a book, and will you make money from it?

Income Activator is simply a website builder. The difference is it includes all the revenue software you need to start making money online. It's a ready-to-go, pre-built website, for you to create a profitable online business if you choose do so.

5 Revenue Streams In 5 Minutes

You receive your website platform instantly upon registering.

Here's the website platform you start with. 

You buy your own domain name, and we attach it for you for free.


The website platform comes with forms, and auto-responders. You visitor's names and emails are automatically downloaded into a messaging service where you can send out messages to your list whenever you want.

The platform includes membership software, a fully functional online store, pay per click and lead tracking software. Plus, it includes hosting and unlimited bandwidth where you can create as many pages as you wish.

Marketing Strategies

You also receive step-by-step marketing strategies that walk you through how to create a profitable online business

Office Supply Store

The website platform also comes with a ready-to-go office supply store with 50,000 products where ordering and shipping are done for you, and you receive up to a 15% commission.

Here's a website example promoting the office supply store.

The marketing strategies outlines how to get visitors buying from you by doing a quote comparison for them; Get Business By Doing A Quote Comparison.

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