Setting Up Your Directory Referrals

1. Add Your Advertisers Enter in the advertiser(s), also known as your Referral Company, who will be paying you for leads and the chance to quote.

2. Create Your Directory Program Give your lead Program a title and set up what you will be charging Per lead.

3. You Are Here - Create Your Referral Form Create your Referral Form Questions, Landing Page, and Email Notifications.

Create Your Referral Form

Once you've registered your referral companies and created a Directory Program you're ready to create your referral form.

Visitors need to fill out your referral form to be referred to your referral company.

Referral forms can be placed on your website as well as other websites and blogs.

1.  Select Form Type: Select 'Paid Referral Form'.

2.  Referral Programs: From the dropdown menu select the Referral Program you want to attach this form to.

3.  Form Reference Title: This title is for your own reference to identify it when your want to edit it. 

4.  Introductory Comment Line: You can type in text that will appear above your Form.

5.  Select Question Format: Your answer boxes for your questions are set to automatically appear below your question. You can select them to appear beside your questions, however this is meant for very short questions. 

6.  Submit Button Location: Your Submit button is located at the bottom of your form and is what your visitor clicks on after they have completed your form questions. Your Submit button is automatically set up to be left justified on your page, however you have the option of centering it.
7.  Submit Button Text:  Your Submit button is automatically set up to be blue with white type that says Submit. You can type what you want your submit button to say. Examples; Submit, Sign Me Up, Contact Me. You can also change it's colors by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Customize Your Colors'.

8.  Concluding Comment:  You have the option of having a comment under your submit button. Example: "We won't share this information with anyone."

9.  Continue Button:  Click 'Continue' button to go to the next step. 

Form Questions

Now you can create the questions visitors will be answering on your Referral Form.

Regular Questions: These are the questions you'll ask visitors on your form. Your referral company should tell you the visitor information they want.

1.  Question: Here is where you type in your form questions. For example: First Name:, What is your email address?, etc.

2. Required:  To make this question mandatory, check off this box. This means visitors will not be able to complete the form until this question is answered.

3. Answer Field: Select an answer field type from the dropdown menu. The Answer Box selections are shown to the right of this page, and you can customize your answer selections. To view the answer box sections, click here.

Note: First Names and Email Addresses are collected and automatically entered into your messaging section of your website. To collect this information into your Messaging section, select First Name and Email Address from the Answer Field dropdown.

4. Add Question: Click on 'Add Question'. A new question box will appear for you to type in your next question, and your question will appear under it. When you add a question, you also have the option of changing the order in which it appears in your form.

Referral Questions: If you created any location or trigger filters for your Referral Companies, these questions will appear below. All Referral Questions with filters are set to be mandatory. In other words, your Visitors will need to answer them to proceed so that your referral Company does not get visitors that don't match the kind of lead they're paying for.
5.  Country Referral Question: This question will be shown here if you created one. You can change what the question asks or edit it later.

6. Referral Company Answers:  The answer here will appear below your question in a dropdown menu. When your visitors are asked which Country they're from, and your Referral Company only wanted visitors from Canada, Canada would be shown in the dropdown menu.

7. No Referral Found Answers:  The No Referral Found Answers box is where you to provide 'alternative answers' for your visitors to select that 'would not' direct them to your Referral Company. The answer(s) you enter in here will direct your visitor to your No Referral Found Landing Page you created where you did not have a Referral Company to send these visitors to. An example of what you may want to enter in this box is the word 'Other.'

For example, if you asked 'Select Your Country. And your referral answer is Canada. Your No Referral Found Answer could be 'Other.' Then you may wish to create a question to ask 'What Country Do You Live In? This answer will be collected in your data section telling you what Countries you should be looking for Referral Companies to send these visitors to. If you have multiple answers being added into this box, type in each answer on its own line.

8. Set Question Order: This is the order in which your questions will appear on your form. The questions you enter will appear above your Referral Questions. To change the order, enter in the order number you want the questions to appear in.

9. Delete This Question:  You have the option of deleting referral questions from your form.

10.  Province / State Referral Question:  This appears below your Country question, if you selected province or states when setting up your referral company.

11. City Referral Question:  This appears below your province / state question, if you selected cities when setting up your referral company.

12.  Trigger Referral Question:  This appears below your city question, if you entered a trigger question and answer when setting up your referral company.
13.  Continue: Click the Continue Button to begin to setting up your email notifications.

Directory Referral Form Emails

Here you have the option of receiving email notifications to monitor your referral activity.
Once you're comfortable with your activity you can turn this off by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Account Settings'. Then scroll down to Email Notifications and check the box that says 'Check this box if you do NOT want to be notified of Visitor Referrals.'
If you want to login and view your referral activity, click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then you can click on either 'Referrals By Company' or 'Referrals By Date'. To the right of the screen click on the company name or date that will bring up your data to the left of the screen.

Your Email Confirmation (Optional): You have the option of receiving an email when a visitor completes your Referral Form. This allows you to know the activity of your referrals and you can give yourself a message or action within the email.

1.  Subject Line:  Enter the subject of the email you will be receiving. Give this title a name that will remind you that you are receiving a referral notice.

2. Email Addresses:  Enter in the email address you want your notifications to go to. Here you also have the option of sending the email to additional email addresses by Separating the email addresses by commas. Example:,
3. Content Editor:  Give yourself a message that reminds you why this email was sent to you. Maybe it could include an action you wanted to do.

4. Data: You are automatically sent all the information your visitors entered into your referral form. If you do not want this information included in the email sent to you, uncheck the box.

Visitor Email Confirmation (Optional): You have the option of sending the visitor who completes your referral form an email. This is recommended as this email includes all of the your advertiser's contact information.
The message content you enter here will appear above the directory of companies. To see what a visitor email would look like, click here.

5. Subject Line  This is the Subject Line of the Email Confirmation your Visitor will see. Write a subject that entices the visitor to open the email.

6. Content Editor:  Enter in your email content in the content editor that will appear above the directory of companies in the email.

7. Attach A File:  You have the option of including an attached file, picture or free eBook in your email to the visitor. Click on the Browse Button, and select which file you want to attach. This operates the same way as sending an attachment from your own email.

No Referral Found Email (Optional): This is the email you can send your visitor that was not directed to a Referral company.
They would receive this email when landing on your No Referral Found Page. These are the visitors that you are not getting referral fees from.

Subject Line:  Enter in the Subject Line of the email that the visitor will receive if they are sent to your No Referral Found page.
9 Content Editor:  Enter in your email content in the content editor. Be sure to give your visitor an action to perform that will take them through your sales path. In this case may be an Affiliate link for a product purchase.
10.  Attach A File:  Click the 'Choose File'/'Upload' button if you want to include an email attachment in the email. Here you could include a free eBook.

11.  Continue Button:  Now you can proceed to attaching your form onto your website page, or another website or blog.


Placing Your Referral Form On A Website Or Blog

Here are the options you have for placing your form.

 Place Your Form On The Top Or Bottom Of Your Page:  To do this, click on the radio button to select weather you want the form to be placed above or below your page content.

2. Attach Form To Pages:  Check the box beside your website page titles that you want to show the form on.

3. Embed Your Form On Your Own Website:  To do this, copy the code in this box. In the brackets is your form's ID number which you can use to identify this form.

Now go into the page you want to embed your form on and paste the code you just copied. Only the [Form ID#] will appear in the content editor, you'll need to Save your page and click on the 'View' link to see your form on the page.

4. Embed Your Form On Another Website Or Blog:  To do this, copy the code in this box and then paste it into the HTML code of the website page or Blog you want to show the form on.

5. Click on the button to complete your form.

Note: You should always test your forms to make sure it is working the way you want. Make sure to test the thank you page, email sent to you, and the email sent to your visitor. Also remember to delete any test submissions you do.

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