Setting Up Your Directory Referrals

1. You Are Here - Add Your Advertisers Enter in the advertiser(s), also known as your Referral Company, who will be paying you for leads and the chance to quote.

2. Create Your Directory Program Give your lead Program a title and set up what you will be charging Per lead.

3. Create Your Referral Form Create your Referral Form Questions, Landing Page, and Email Notifications.

Set Up Your Advertisers (Referral Company)

To register a Referral Company, click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Referral Companies'.

You also have the option of setting up a Referral Registration page on your website. When an advertiser registers, you will be sent an email and their Company Name will appear to the right of the 'Referral Companies' page.

To view how to set up a Referral Registration Form on your website, click here.

1. Directory Program Previously Set Up: If you created your Directory Program first it will show up in this section. To add your advertiser to your program, check the box beside the Program Title.

2. Setting Up Your Advertiser: Enter the company information here, such as address and website.

3. Login Information: Enter the Login Email and Login Password that this company will use to login to the referral section of your website.

How to set up your Advertiser's Login: You can also set up a login for your referral companies to view their leads. To do this simply click on the top bar entitled Your Account, from the dropdown menu click on Account Settings. Then scroll down to the section entitled Additional Website Features and click on the box that says Show Referral Login. The login link will then be visible on the bottom bar of your website. To see how a company logs into your website, click here.

4. Main Contact: Enter the contact information of your main contact at the company. This is for your own reference.
5. Referral Contact:  Enter the contact information of the person handling the referrals.
Note: The email you enter in this section will receive the email notifications of the leads. If you leave the email field blank, no email will be sent out to the advertiser. To view an example of this email, click here.

Warning: When testing referral links and leads, remove your advertiser's email address from here or they will receive your test emails.
6. Then click the 'Insert' button: You will see your advertiser's company name appear to the right of the screen under the title Unassigned Referral Companies. Now you need to create you Directory Program.

Note: If you already created your Directory Program, and assigned your Advertiser to it by clicking in the box at the top of this page (Refer to Point 1) you will be automatically be sent to the Directory Program to customize your advertiser's settings.

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