Setting Up Your Directory Referrals

1. Add Your Advertisers Enter in the advertiser(s), also known as your Referral Company, who will be paying you for leads and the chance to quote.

2. You Are Here - Create Your Directory Program Give your lead Program a title and set up what you will be charging Per lead.

3. Create Your Referral Form Create your Referral Form Questions, Landing Page, and Email Notifications.

Creating Your Directory Program

You now need to create your Directory Program which determines what you are going to charge your Referral Companies per lead.
To do that go to the top bar entitled 'Referrals', click on 'Directory Programs.
1. Program Title: Give your Directory Program a Title. This will be for your on reference.
2. Status: The Status says that your Directory Program is Active, however you can set it to Pause.
3. Referral Rate: Here is where you enter in the amount you will be charging all advertisers for visitor leads.  
4. Program Description: The Program Description is for your own reference.

5. Directory Page Title: This title will appear at the top of your Directory Page which is the page your visitors see after submitting your referral form. This page shows the visitors the directory of companies. The page title and content you enter here will appear above the directory of companies. To see an example of how a Directory Page looks, click here.

6. Directory Page Content: This content will appear under the directory page title, and above your directory of companies.
7. No Referral Found - Default Page: If you don't have an advertiser to send the visitor to that completes your Referral Form they will be sent to a Default page saying  'Sorry we couldn't help you at this time.'
8. No Referral Found - Redirect: You also have the option of sending the visitor to another website or a page on your website if you don't have an advertiser to send them to. To do that simply enter in the website's page address known as a URL into the box, which you will see when you click on the Radio button.
9. No Referral Found - Custom Page: Finally you have the option of creating a Custom Page to send the visitor to if you do not an advertiser to send them to. This is the best alternative and this page should give the visitor some good information so that they don't feel that they gave you their contact information for nothing.
When a visitor is sent to your No Referral Found page their information is collected and you can see how much money your 'Lost Referrals' are costing you. This is telling you where you should fill in the gaps of your referral program. You can view your Lost Referrals by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Referrals' and from the dropdown menu click on 'Referrals By Company'. To the right of the screen you will see the red title 'Lost Directory Referrals.'
10. Referral Companies: If you have Referral Companies registered, they will show up here. Check the box to add them to this Directory Program.
A program with a single company will always send referrals to that company.
A program with multiple companies will rotate between them.
11. Insert Button: Then click Insert and you will automatically be taken back to your Referral Company to customize your Referral Companies Settings.
12. With respect to point 10, in the case where you have multiple Referral Companies listed and you attached more than one company to this Directory program at once, then click the insert button, you will remain on this page. You will also see your Directory program to the right of your screen.
You then need to setup these referral company's settings, to do that click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Referral Companies'. Then on the right you will see your Referral Companies listed. Click on the Referral Company you want to setup the settings for, then click on the white tab entitled 'Directory Referral Settings'.

Company Program Setting & Directory Profile

Now that you've attached your Directory Program that will send leads to your Advertiser, you have the option of filtering the referrals geographically and/or by a trigger question.

This is where you create the profile for this company that will show up in the directory of companies. To view an example of this, click here.

This is also where you set up where to send the visitor after they complete your Referral Form and click on the submit button.

If you checked off a program in the previous step you will be automatically sent to this section to set up your program.

1. Referral Company:  Your Referral Companies (advertisers) will always be listed to the right of the page. Click on your company to edit the settings.

2. Directory Program Settings:  Click on the 'Directory Program Settings to edit the directory program settings for this company. You are automatically sent to this tab when creating a company and selecting a program to put it in.

3. Company Referral Programs:  Here is where you can see which Directory Program(s) are providing referrals for this advertiser.

4. Company Profile Preview:  This preview will show you what the directory listing for this company will look like to your visitor. The listing includes the company name, website, and a description that you create.

Create The Company Profile  Now you need to create the company profile that will appear in the directory of companies.

5. Name:  Enter the company name in this field.

6. Website:  Enter the company website in this field.

7. Description:  Enter the company description here, this could include their telephone number, business hours, company information. Its up to you what you want to show your visitors.

8. Company Image:  Click on 'Browse' to upload a company image.

9. Referrals By Location:  This is only used when your referral company can only service in a certain geographical location. You have the option of filtering by country, province/state and city.
Country From the dropdown menu you can select the Country.
Provinces / States If you select Canada or the US, you can also select which provinces or States you want.

10. City: You can even narrow it down to the City selection by typing in which cities this advertiser wants Referrals from.
 You can use the Country selection, Province or State selection, or City selection in combination with each other or separately.
 As an example, by setting up Referrals by Location, when a visitor completes the Referral Form, they will be asked to select their Country, Province, State or City location. If it matches what this advertiser's settings are, the visitor will be sent to them.

11. Trigger Question:  Here you can ask a trigger question to determine if the referral is sent to this advertiser. An example of this would be if you were sending visitors to car dealerships, for a Ford Dealership the Trigger Question may be 'What make of car are you interested in purchasing?'.
12. Trigger Answer:  The Trigger Answer for this advertiser would be Ford. Therefore, only visitors that selected Ford from the Referral Form would be referred to this Advertiser.

13. Referral Period:  The leads are set to automatically be sent to the advertiser or you can select a time frame with a beginning and ending date.

14. Admin Status:  Here you can set the Lead Generation Program to Pause. If there is only one company in your program, doing this will then direct all the leads to your No Referral Found Page. If you have multiple referral companies in this program, it will skip this company in the rotation.

An example to when this would come in handy is if you where sending leads to suppliers and they ran out of stock. You would simply set your program to pause, and the visitors completing the Referral Form would then be sent to your Default Page. Your Default Page could then say 'Temporarily Out Of Stock. We Will Contact Your We Get More Products In.'

15. Company Pause: If the advertiser logs into their account they can Pause the Lead Generation Program. Pausing a program means this company will not receive Leads. An example of when this would happen is if the advertiser went on vacation. You will be sent an email when one of your advertisers pauses a program.
16. Custom Rate: Here you can a charge a different rate for this specific advertiser, either higher or lower than the rate shown above.

17. Daily Referral Cap: Advertiser leads are set with no Cap. Here is where you can set a Daily Cap of referrals to send this advertiser. When the Cap is hit, your advertiser will stop receiving referrals for that day. The Cap resets at midnight.
18. Update Program Setting: Click on the button and you're done and now you are ready for step 3, Create Your Referral Form.           

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