5 Revenue Streams In 5 Minutes

Websites are meant to make money! People generally do not make money online because the website platform they are using does not have the revenue software they need.

1.  Commission On Stock Ads
Ask people to contribute their pictures, just like Pinterest does. Split commission earned. Watch video below.

2.  Affiliate Sales
ClickBank.com gives up to 75% commission.

3.  Lead Revenue
Sending leads to businesses that pay you.

4. Pay Per Click Revenue
Use affiliate pay per click advertisers or create your own pay per click tracking links sending leads to businesses that pay you like Goggle does.

5.  Income Activator's Affiliate Partners Program
The Affiliate Commission Fee is now a 50/50 split subscription fee. You receive $60 per month when someone gets an Income Activator website through your website. 100 people earns you $3,000 per month. Here's more about the affiliate program.

Stock Photography

Extra Revenue Streams

1. Online Store
2. Directory Referrals
3. Creating & Selling Your Own eBook
3. Creating Memberships

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