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;lee romanov mediaLee Romanov is one of North America's top Internet marketers, and is a Certified SEO Expert. Lee was born Canadian, and travels back and forth to the USA and Mexico.

Below lists Lee's various accomplishments and platforms she's launched.

Let Your Website Pay You

Lee Romanov is the creator and president of Income Activator.com, a powerful all-inclusive website builder designed for anyone to operate, at any skill level.

It's the only website platform focused on revenue generation. Its built-in software allows you to send leads to businesses and create your own pay-per-click tracking links. Your leads are tracked, and your invoices are automatically generated. The website platform also includes membership software and a fully functional online store, with ready-to-go affiliate partnerships.

Lee Romanov has been making money online since 1994. She created one of the first profitable online corporations in North America, generating revenue through leads.

Income Activator TV

Income Activator TV offers free online training on how to make money online. Its video presentations are designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and for people looking for work-from-home opportunities. IncomeActivator.com  was launched in 2010.


Romanov produced and hosted her own live to air Talk TV Show on CP24, Toronto's most popular new stations. Her show ran for 4 years in prime time, 6 pm and 9 pm.


Lee Romanov is the founder of InsuranceHotline.com, the largest online quoting service for car insurance in Canada, also serving the United States and United Kingdom.

InsuranceHotline.com was launched in 1994, the same year email was being rolled out to the public.

In 2007 she sold her Internet business to Torstar, one of the largest media companies in Canada, owner of the Toronto Star newspaper, 106 Metroland community newspapers, Shop TV, and many other corporations. Lee's business became part of Torstar's Milestones in History between 2007 to 2010. Lee was subsequently hired as a consultant to Torstar.

Romanov Report

Lee was one of the founders of email marketing, which was launched in 1995. The Romanov Report, an e-newsletter was distributed, weekly, to over 185,000 consumers.  

Media Coverage

Romanov has appeared as an expert on numerous television and radio outlets, including CNN, FOX, CBC, Global TV, CTV, CFRB, BBC, CityTV and several cable networks.

She has been quoted in The Globe And Mail, Maclean's Magazine, the National Post, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Newsday in New York City, The Ottawa Citizen, as well as many ethnic and community newspapers.

PR News Wire

Romanov has received numerous Awards from PR News Wire as the "Top 10" most read press releases.

Pr News Wire Awards


Lee Romanov was a columnist for the largest newspaper in Ontario, The Toronto Star.

Toronto star columnist

Romanov was also a columnists for Canada's only national newspaper The Globe & Mail.

globe and mail columnist


how to get rich online

Lee Romanov has written several books, Car Carma, TODAY's Muti-Millionaires, and
Get Rich... By Telling People Where To Go. 

Car Carma

Romanov received over 1 million visitors to her website after launching a study comparing driver's tickets and accidents to their astrological signs.

Lee then wrote Car Carma, a satirical book comparing driver's tickets and accidents to their astrological sign. The book also provides good information about tickets, driving, insurance and the law.

Car Carma has been featured by the media in Canada, USA, and internationally. It was also included in Reader's Digest's Special Edition of America's 100 Best. 

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