Your website has been Pre-Built with Viral Videos & Referral Forms sending $5 and $10 Leads to Businesses.

This Pre-Built Website shows you how to;
1. Get Visitors to your Website
Make Money from Leads

When you see how this works, you can begin to do the same, focusing on Your Topic or Business, by customizing your Pre-Built Website accordingly.

Making Money from leads is just a number's game. The more visitors you get, the more money you make. 

Getting Visitors to your Website incorporates 2 things you may already be doing.
1) Emailing 
2) Social Media Postings.


xxxThe Multi-Miilion-Dollars Formula to Making Money Online is get Free Content. Int his case it will be videos from websites like YouTube, Bitchute & Rumble.& send Leads to Businesses that pay you.

Multi-million-dollar websites do not create their own content, or sell to their visitor traffic.  Have you ever noticed that Google's Homepage is just a Search Bar sending leads to biusinesses that pay them. 

Get To Know Your Website
Click on every page, complete every form to make sure the Form's auto-responder want to say. If there is no auto-responder, you can create one.

Your Pre-Built Income Website

You need to understad who your websi

The easiest way to Make Money online is to get people to your website  either by emailing, or posting on Social Media websites, funny, interesting or entertaing Video Images, or clips, directing people to your website to watch the videos

We are a Video Watching Society!  

People do 2 things on;line 1) The search for information 2) They look for recommendations The Money is in the recommendations.

Your Video gives people infromation that they would enjoy seeing, besdie each video you can make aReccommendatioon of what they could do next that would  align to the message of the video, by completeing a Referral Form, send a lead to a business that pays you.

upto 40% of people may complete a referral form, making you money if it's free for them to do so, and is benefical to them too.


fo to get more of  Beside each video, is a Referral Form 

Traffic to your website

 The BIG thing is Traffic to your Website.

One effective way, because you are targeting 'Entrepreneurial Businesses' is to have a LinkedIn Account.
If you do not have a LinkedIn Account, Google 'How To Create A High Traffic LinkedIn Account'
If you do, start posting information that lead people to your website.
Then search on Google for 'How To Get People from My LinkedIn Account To My Website'
Also, register and ask CHATgpt 'How To Get People from My LinkedIn Account To My Website'


The easiest way to start is by emailing to your friends and family something funny, interesting or entertasining  that you'd like to share with them.

Email examples have already been set up for you. All you need to do is tweek them to your personality style.  To view these email examples, click on the top bar Messaging - Dropdown menu Create a Message - Click on the Title Link to open the Email Message in the Editor, add your name, and Save the changes.


1.  Copy Home Page  - Click  om Page ID / Select Make A Copy from the menu / Click GO
2.  Page Copy - Click on the Page Title to open it in your editor to the right  
3. Titles - Type in Titles
-  Search Term - 2 to 3 Keywords to Search of this page
-  Menu Title - Shows on Top Bar - Hide it
-  Page Title - Shows centered on the page - Hide it
-  SEO Title - Shows in Google Search
- Page Address - Shows in Page URL Address (Automatically Taken from Page Title)
- Page Description - Shows in Google Search.
4. Page Title - Type in the Page Tilde into the Page Template
5. Page Description - Type in the Page Description  into the Page Temple
6. Add A Video - Go to the video channel and copy the Video Code to your Mouse
-  Click in the Editor where want the video
- Click on the red YouTube Icon
- A Box will pop up and copy in the Video Code


- Add in ?ref=0 in the Video Code after the characters so suggested videos do not show
- Click Insert


7.  Sub Page Settings - Select the Category your want this page in
8. Publish the Page - Uncheck the box
9. Save The page - Click the Save Button - It 's recommended you save the page regularly while creating it.
10. View This Page - Click on the yellow button to see hoe this page looks live. If the Video is too close to the Page Description put your mouse ate the end of the Page Description, hold down the Shift Key and click the Enter Key. Then  Save & View, again.

Creating a Video Page



1. Upload the image - the size is 380 pxle long by 215 pxls high - When you size them they will look better on your website - Look online to see how to size images for free.

Index and Slider


Text Colors

 To upload an image click on the icon with the Pencil & Mountain, a box will pop up, click on the browser button or upload button, select you image from your computer, and SEO your image  by describing it in the Alternative Text & Long Description boxes. Set the size of your image in the Width box, and click insert. If the image is too large, click on it,  uncheck the  Constrain Proportions, delete the Height,  re-enter in the  Width and click Insert.Uploading an image


Round Shadow Image


Email Messaging
You can send this out through your Email Messaging system to see if your email is opened and the link to your Viral Video page is clicked on.

Referral Revenue
When a visitor completes the Referral Form to get in contact with Aristotle, your website will send you an email in real time, saying you just made money from a lead. 

Your lead is tracked and the invoice is automatically created for you to bill your referral company on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

To view your leads, when you login to your editor, simply click on Referrals on your Top Bar, and select Revenue By Company form the dropdown menu. 


referral formGo to your Refrrals Forms - see the Form # - Go to Form / Edit Forms / Complete Visitor Auto-responder




The email can be as simple as... Hey, check this out!  

You can apply to see if Income Activator is a good fit to help you promote your business. 

Your promotion is free. You only pay when we send you a lead or someone clicks to your product.


Go to the Video Channel where your video is, and copy the embed code. Here's how.

Click in your editor where you want the video to go, or highlight the word VIDEO in your Page Template.

Click on the YouTube Icon, a box will pop up, and copy the box. To block suggested videos from showing up and kicking your visitor off your website, after your video is seen, add the cod ?ref=0 after the random letters (See Stop Suggested Videos to the right)

Stop Suggested Videos


Your Referral Compmany's Landing Pages & Froms have been set up for you.

landing pages


Visitor's Auto-Responder

The only thing you need to do is to put your Contact Information & Landing Page Link, after your domain name is conneted to your website.

To do this simply go to Referral/ Dropdown menu - Refrral Companies/ Click on the Company & Program Name / Click on the tab entitled Lead generation Program Settings & scroll down to the section entitled Email Sent To The Visitor and add your contact information which may just be your Website's Doamin Name. 

To add the Landing page link, scrollback up the the section entitled Your Referral Company's Landing Page Or Website, and beside the Page Title Required (in red type) click on the link enttiled View This Page.   Then copy the URL of the page into your Visitor Email.

Refrral forms Auto-responder
Referral forms Auto-responder

You can add an Auto-reponder 
Go to the page your form is on in the editor - Get the Form # / Go to Forms/ Edit Forms / Search for the Form # / Click on Form Title / Click on the tab Emails / Scroll down to Visitor email and add what you want it to say / Save 

Subscribe & Thrive

Stop Suggested Videos

Sales vs Leads 

Built In Revenue Software 

Take Back Control
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Lead Video Info  
Sales vs Leads -
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Lead Video Info

Lead Video Info

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