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Your promotion is free. You only pay when we send you a lead or someone clicks to your product.

Tell Your Story

The best way of promoting your business is by telling our visitors your story. 
When they click on the submit button, the visitor is given your contact information, and directed to your website.

1. Why you are doing what you are doing?

2. How you can help them?

I would keep this to 500 words, or a couple of paragraphs for each.

Geographic Locations

Income Activator can send you leads. You have 2 options.

1. Receive leads form anywhere.

2. Receive leads from specific geographical locations like Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, etc. 

Get Leads & Cost

You can feature your company service(s).

You simply describe your service. There's a Referral Form that visitors complete to get in touch with you. It will look like this; referral form.

The Referral Form will ask for their Full Name, Email, Phone Number, Company (optional), Title (optional), and the question "How Can I Help?  

At that point the lead has been made, and an agreed to cost for the lead owed. 

The referral is $10, but it can vary depending on the type of business being sent. 

NOTE: The referral fee is based on the person being given your contact information, not on the sale.

The referral fee is not based on the accuracy of the contact information the visitor enters into the referral form.

For instance, real people are still hesitant in giving their real contact information until they speak to you. You may get a referral from Daffy Duck, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Marilyn Monroe, but it may actually turn out to be Betsy Monroe.

Email Notification: When a visitor completes the Referral Form they are instantly sent an email with your contact information, and your are sent and email of the person's information.

Sell Your Stuff

You can feature and sell your company product(s).

Your products are displayed at the bottom of your page, in an online store. Here's an example.

Cost Per Click: You can display up to 3 products. There is a 1% cost per click on the Buy Button, regardless if a purchase is made. It works exactly like Google AdSense per click model.

 Sell Your Products & Get Leads

You can also do both, sell your products & get Leads too. 


You can include your pictures, or ones you find online to make your presentation come alive! Please don't use stock photography that you don't own.

Here are some places where you can get free photos:  Google ImagesFlikrStock Exchange & Turbo Photo

one page stories


You can use your own videos, or one you find on YouTube or Vimeo to make your pitch more intriguing.  

YouTube allows the videos people have uploaded to be shown on other sites like this, 
as it helps these people gain a larger audience. 

 The YouTube video could even be a song reflecting the mood of your offer, like a song.

Video Sales

You can also do a video of your offer, instead of writing it, like this!

Your Name & Photo & Title

Your Name You can not be anonymous. 

Photo You can provide a photo of yourself, or a photo of the persona you represent.

Description You must describe who you are, what you do, and what you want.

Your Company

You can include the name of the company you work for, or own, and explain what you do.

Be Original

While we welcome you to submit a typed version of your story, you can be as creative as you like. You can submit a document illustrating your story as shown in this video.

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