The video below shows you how to create and edit the content of your pages. 

NOTE: The website shown in the video is an older version.  Both our website platform and editor are continuously being updated, therefore, this video  does not reflect exactly how your editor or website looks like, although the description of how to edit your pages still applies.

Below are screen shots with more detail, and useful tips. Included are related help pages, and additional features.

How To Add a or Video Background or Image to a Page   *   Video Backgrounds & Images Available


Related Help Pages

Helpful Tips

Must See Editing Tips...

  Always check what your pages look like through various Internet Browsers such as Firefox by entering
2.  If you are not being able to enter your content the way you wish, we suggest you delete the page you're working on and start a new page. If problems persist reboot your computer, and start a new page. You can also try to delete the formatting too.
3.  The content size, font and placement does not appear the same in your Content Editor as it does when you view your website page. After you save your page, always click on the View link to make sure your page looks the way you want it to look.

4.  There are many functions your page can do at one time. When you want to do something 'click' on the Save, Go, Submit or Continue Buttons. If you just click on enter, your Content Manager will not know what action you're requesting.
5.  Do not copy content from an outside source to your Content Manager without entering it in the grey edit box below. This will remove formatting issues that may corrupt your page. However, sometimes just copying it over does work. But if it doesn't, you'll need to get someone that knows how to program HTML to make the page look good to your visitors. Here are some resources to choose from.

6.  There is an 'eraser' feature that will get rid of formatting issues without you having to copy all your content into the grey edit box. The eraser icon looks like a rectangular box, and is located left of the color font icon. All you do is highlight the word or words creating your formatting issues and click on the eraser. It will remove all formatting issues.

Editing A Page

Your page instructions and help links are located in the YELLOW section at the top.

1. Edit A Page: To edit a page on your website, click the Page Title you want to edit in your page directory to your right.

2.  Editing Page: The left side of the screen is where you edit your titles, and make changes to your pages.

3 Content Editor: This is where you type in your page content. You can insert pictures, YouTube videos, and forms into your content editor.

Save Button: Click the green 'Save Button' to save your changes. Your page will remain in the Content Editor for your to continue working on it. There is no automatic save function so you should save your page regularly. 

Save & Exit Button: When you click the 'Save & Exit' button your page will be saved, and be listed at the bottom of your Page Directory to the right.

Viewing Your Page

1.  Changes Saved: This green message lets you know your page has been saved.

2.  View Your Page:  To view how your page looks on your website, click on the View link.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Page Title should describe what your page is about to both your visitors and the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
1.   Keyword Phrase:  In this box is where you enter a 'keyword phrase' you think people would use to find this page, when searching online.  For instance, if this page was on the top 5 healthiest foods, you would enter 'top 5 healthiest foods' in this box.

2.   Keyword Planner:  The 'Keyword Planner' link beside this box links you to Google Adwords. This is where you can use their Keyword Planner to find out how many searches are being done for the Keyword Phrase you are using. In addition, it can also suggest keyword phrases that are receiving a high volume of searches that you may wish to use instead.

Here's how to use the Keyword Planner, click here.

3.   Menu Title:  Here's where you enter in your Menu Title. This title is displayed in your website's Top Bar. It's good to use one or two keywords here.

4.   Page Title:  You website's Page Title shows up under your Menu Title. Here is where you describe what your page is about.  It good to describe your page using keywords.

5.   SEO Title: This is the title people see in the Search Engine's search results (like Google) when they are doing online searches.  Think of this as your Ad Title. Here's more about how to SEO your website: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

6.   Page Description: This is what people see  in the search results describes this page to them. Think of this section as your Ad Description that will encourage someone to click to this page.  Here's  an example.

Additional Page Features

1. Page Content:  Allows you to edit your page titles and content.

2. Advanced Settings: Allows you to add features and change settings for your page. To see how to use it, click here.

3. Attach Forms / Albums:  Allows you to attach forms and photo albums to your page. To see how to use it, click here.
4. Comments:  Allows you to activate visitor comments on this page as well as view the comments posted on this page.
To see how to use it, click here.

5. Page Ads & AdSense: This is where you can add your PPC ads to your page that you get from companies like Google.

6. Members Access: This allows you to set up a Member's Only access to this page. To e how, click here.

7. Revision History: This allows you to put back an older version of the page. It's usually used when you've made as error and can't easily fix it. 

8. Customize: This allows you to customize the individual page with a new feature image. In some cases you can simple add a new feature image like you would any image.

website controls

Your Page May Need Tweeking

Your Page in Your Content Editor Can Look Different Then It Does On Your Website

When you're creating your page, it will not always look exactly like it does in your Content Editor, you'll need to adjust it in the editor to the look you want by comparing it to your live page. 

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