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Good content attracts visitors to your website. Search engines look at the keywords you use in your content and show your content pages in their search results. If your content is worth sharing, people will link to it and send it to their friends.

When you’re creating your pages give every bit of knowledge and advice you have. Hold nothing back. The more you give, the more that comes back to you. Don’t hand your work over to somebody thinking that they will produce the magic, they won’t.

Formula For Making Money Online

1. Identify the keywords people are using for online searches.

2. Create content related to those keywords.

3. Make money by sending visitors to companies that pay you.

If you have more pages, you get more traffic. If you have more traffic, you make more money.

The more pages you have, the more pages there are to be indexed by the search engines. The more pages you have indexed by the search engines, the more traffic you'll get, the more traffic you get, the more money you'll make.

Revenue Streams 

You need to add revenue streams or something that will lead to revenue to your content pages. people reading your articles, viewing your pictures, and watching your videos will listen to what you tell them to do. You should be able to add these revenue streams yourself easily.

Pay Per Click Ads You can add Google AdSense ads as well as Income Activator pay per click Ads around or within your content.

Opt-In Form Getting visitor's names and email addresses will allow you to bring them back to your website with email marketing.

Referral Forms You can send leads to companies or allow multiple companies to bid using directory referrals. You can place Income Activator's referral forms on any page of your website or blog and add the best revenue stream imaginable to your page.

Affiliate Links Affiliate companies provide you with banners or tracking links you can easily copy into your website pages.

Your Advantage

Even though there are millions of websites out there, your competition is lost. Most people who put up a website rarely touch it afterwards. It's like they bought a car, but don’t know how to drive it. If you don’t drive it, it doesn't get you anywhere!

Most website owners just cross their fingers and hope that their website brings them in money someday. It won’t. Even website owners that know they should be adding pages and updating their content to grow their website business, fall victim to webmasters who control their websites. They're held hostage to do any kind of updates or marketing initiatives because of the high costs involved in changing their content or putting up new pages.

When your website is not active, and new pages are not added to it regularly, the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing won’t give it priority for online searches, and it will join the millions of other websites lost somewhere out in the corn fields of cyber space.

Your content should include information related to your main keyword phrase. Each of your pages should include a revenue stream, or a link to your revenue stream.

Daily Routine

An online business needs to be worked on daily. Remember, if you have more pages, you get more traffic, if you have more traffic, you make more money.

Ultimately you should create a new page every business day. All you need to do is simply write a paragraph or two of some good original content.

You can add picture, video and your Google ads with the click of your mouse. You can also place your opt-in form anywhere you want to on your page. Once you get into the routine creating a page a day, it’s quick and enjoyable to do.

By adding new pages to your website, daily if possible, you train the search engines to come to your website regularly to index your new pages to be displayed for online searches.

So if there’s a breaking news story that relates to your business, you can have a page up faster than some media networks, which the search engine will index immediately, and you'll capture the search traffic of people wanting to know more about the story.

Search Engines Love Authority Websites

You can become an authority from your own experience, anyone can. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love authority websites which contain good information and tend to display them ahead of websites trying to sell someone something.

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