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Income  Activator allows you to send leads to businesses you recommend 
Referral Networkand get paid for it!

Below is an example of 4 Referral Forms. Test out our demo referral forms yourself to see how it works. 

When the form is completed and the visitor clicks on the submit button the leads is made, and you are paid! 

1. Your visitor is directed to the referral company's website and emailed their contact information.

2. The referral company is emailed the visitor's contact information.

3. You're emailed a notification saying you just made money from your lead, and your invoice to that referral company is automatically created. As more leads are sent, they are automatically added to your referral company's invoice.

How To Start

1.  Register for an Income Activator Website by completing the form to the right.
- You can also add the referral software to exiting websites and blogs.

2. Get your own advertisers, here how.

3. You can send one lead to one business at a time, or send one lead to multiple businesses at once. 

If you have a question, click here.  

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