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Alice's Story 
Do you trust your soap?

When Alice finished college in 1973 and was on her way to enjoying life... all HELL broke out on her skin!

It started on her chin, then her jaws, neck and down her back. It was awful!! It was 3 skin doctors later and no solutions.

Then Alice remembered back to her childhood. They made their own soap, using the black iron pot in the backyard.  They bathed, shampooed, washed dishes and cleaned clothes with their home made lye soap.  

None of the 8 girls and 3 boys ever had skin problems. So Alice started making the same Iye soap she grew up with, and has never looked back! Her face, scalp and body healed quickly,  Now at age 67, she still has that 23 year old complexion.

Here's Alice's Lye SoapTell me your story & I'll Publish it too!

Story Telling Is Financially Rewarding

See how 1 story changed the price from $1 to $62.95!

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