Take Control Of Your Website

You receive a ready-to-go website, and a mobile website too! You are in control of your own online business.

1. Adding Content
All you do is type in and save your work.

2. Adding Pictures
You simply click and download your picture.

3. Adding Videos
Copy and paste the video code into your page.

4. Adding Links
Highlight the words to link and copy in the page address.

Your Income Activator website comes with how-to-videos, and online support.

10 Revenue Streams

1.  Pay Per Click Ads From Google, Yahoo, Bing

2.  Pay Per Click Links With Your Own Advertisers

3.  Sending Leads To Your Own Advertisers

4.  Sending Leads To A Directory Of Advertisers

5.  Creating A Membership Site

6.  Selling Your Products From Your Online Store

7.  Selling Products Through Affiliate Companies

8.  Creating Your Own Products

9.  Creating Your Own eBook

10.  Selling Art & Cell Phone Pics As Stock Photos

Plus Additional Revenue Streams 

Make Money From Your Own Content

Focus On One Area

Step 1 Focus On A Topic

Pick a topic you believe people are searching for online, or will find interesting.

Create Content Pages

Step 2 Create Pages

Create pages with content related to your topic.

Money From Lead Generation

Step 3 Monetize Your Pages

Make money by sending visitors to companies that pay you through pay per click ads and leads.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are critical to making money online.

If you don't know what to do, it may cost you too much money and time to figure it out, before either giving up or going broke.

Your Income Activator website builder lays out what you need to do, beginning with the Top 10 Marketing Strategies you need to be aware of and implement.

To access the Marketing Strategies, log into your website and click on 'Marketing / Manual' on the top menu bar.

Get Started Now!

Log into your website now, start adding content, adding revenue streams, and get comfortable with your website.

Each page inside Income Activator has a yellow help section at the top with advice and links.

You can email us with any questions at Support@IncomeActivator.com anytime.

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