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best website builderRevenue: This is the ONLY website builder focused on generating online revenue.
Its design maximizes visitor navigation, leading to revenue streams

Editing: Here are a 2 minute videos on how to Add Pages, Pictures, Videos & Links.

Our 'Let's Begin' video shows you how to edit pages and create revenue streams.

Pre-Built: It's pre-built with all the software incorporated, saving you time and money.

Customize: You can change your website to the look and feel you want.

Domain Name: You can add your own domain name and we attach it for you for free.

Affiliate Program: You are automatically registered in our very profitable affiliate programs.

Hosting: Included is hosting and the revenue software you need. There are No hidden add on costs. 

Marketing: Plus, your website comes with step-by-step Marketing Strategies and videos.


Customizing Your Website

income activator sample websitesHere are design examples you can create; Coaching Website / Lifestyle Website

It's easy to create your own look and feel; Adding Content, Pictures, Videos & Links.

Create your website in a day using our ready-to-go templates; 
Coach * Author * Speaker * Veteran * Insurance * Loans * Mortgages * Hemp *

Use our videos or your own;  City *  Diamond * Comedy * Blue Sky * Clouds * Beach *

Website Affiliate

All Income Activator (IA) website owners are automatically part of our website affiliate program where you earn $60 per month, on every one you refer that gets an IA website.

1. When you bring on 2 people your website and hosting are free.

2. When 100 people get an IA website you'd earn $3,000.00 per month.

3.  When 3,000 people get their website through you, that's $90,000.00 per month.

This is a huge opportunity! There are millions of people using 
website platforms that are little more than an online brochure. WordPress has over 60 million subscribers, with most of them NOT making money online!  Here's more about it...

Affiliate Websites: You can request us to set up an Affiliate Website like this; Your Income Website.

To Begin: Register for an Income Activator website and request an Affiliate Website to

Website Software & Hosting

income activator website builder software

1.  Ready-To-Go Responsive Website For All Devices.
2.  Forms, Auto-Responders, Data Collection. 
3.  Email Messaging, Tracking & Open Rates.
4.  Ability To Do Your Own SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
5.  Visitor Commenting, Ability To Password Protect Any Pages.

6. Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth And Pages.
7. You Can Request Customization Of Software Functions.

Revenue Software & Products Included 

1. Online Store

Income Activator store exampleYou get a fully functional online store, view here, where you can sell your own products, services and affiliate products and services. It also comes with Income Activator's affiliate programs where you earn $1000's in commissions, for referring business such as Webmaster & Mentoring services.

Here is an Website Example for Pet Care

eBooks & Digital Products: Your website includes award winning eBook templates to create and sell your own eBooks and digital products from your online store.

2. Office Supply Store (US Only)

free office supply websiteYou get a ready-to-go store with 50,000 office products (US delivery locations only). This is like having your own Staples store, with better pricing. To create a website with these products would cost over $25,000. This is included in your IA website. View a website using the office supply store.

This is a very profitable revenue stream when you introduce your website to businesses, letting them know they can buy their same brand names at better prices. Here's how.

3. Income Activator's Internet Services

website design and mentoringPromote our Website Design & Mentoring Services and receive a commission. 

Website Design is for any of your visitors that want to hire a webmaster to build a website. The average cost to build a website is $2,500 and you are paid $500.

Mentoring Services offers personal coaching with Lee Romanov for any area of online marketing and revenue generation.  The cost is $2,000 and you are paid $1,000.

4. Lead Tracking Software

lead tracking softwareYou recommend companies everyday, which Spa to go to, or accountant to use, or which law firm gives free consultations. But when you do it online, you can get paid for it, big time!

Our lead tracking software allows you to create Referral Forms, sending leads to companies you recommend, and get paid for it. Here's how the lead software works.

You can use our forms and lead tracking software on other websites and blogs

Our software tracks your leads and creates your invoices.

Demo Website Examples:  Send Leads to Lawyers  * Services. You can also send these leads through your cell phone!

Every one can be their own Directory, just like Angies List and Home Advisor. You can make passive income by setting up a Resource Page sending leads to businesses you recommend. How to get advertisers.

5. Leads Tracking To Multiple Businesses

home renovation lead websiteYou can send one lead to multiple business at once, each paying you for that lead.  This is often used by companies that bid for business. Here's how these leads work.

 When you have 10 companies each paying you $10 to bid for that business, each visitor completing your referral form earns you $100 per lead.

View this demo website sending one lead to multiple painting bossinesses.

You can use our forms and lead tracking software on other websites and blogs.

6. Your Own Pay Per Click Links & Pay Per Click Ads From 3rd Party Companies

pay per click website softwareSet up your own pay-per-click links and send leads to your own advertisers, cutting out the middleman like Google. Here's how it works.

Create your own pay-per-click rates and embed these links throughout your website and get paid per click. Even better, you can embed your advertiser's website within your website, so your visitor isn't kicked off your website, like with other pay-per-click links.

To see how this works, click here and then click on the Pet Plan Insurance link. 

Affiliate Pay Per Click Advertisers: You can also embed 3rd party pay-per-click ads with companies like Google AdSense. Here's how it works.  You can add these ads into any page of your website and when a visitor to your website clicks on an ad, you get paid. It's free to register for Google AdSense. 

7. Membership Software

income activator membership softwareCreate secured 'Member Sections' and 'Password Protected' pages on your website.  Your visitors create their 'passwords' before they can view your password protected website pages. Here's how it works.

Two Types of Member Sections 
1. Instant Access where you allow anyone who provides their name & email, immediate access into your password protected, or member's section. 
2.  Approval Access where you choose to approve your visitors before you allow them access to your member's section. This is usually for paid access.

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