Make Money From Google Ads

Google pays you when someone from your website clicks on a Google Ad.

To see an example of Google Ads on a website page - click here.

Here's an example of a
Google Search when I typed in with the Keyword Phrase 'Pet Collars.'
When specific keyword phrases are searched for online, Google displays both:
1.  Advertiser Ads that pay Google if their ad gets clicked on.
2.  Links to Websites with relevant content that don't pay Google. 
Search Engines, like Googlelove content rich websites because without them, no one would use their search engines,
because there would be nothing to find but advertisements.

80% of people searching actually click on the links to website that are dislplayed from their search results, rather than the Google Ads.

Therefore it is in Google's interest to allow websites with to have Google Ads on their pages.
In return, Google pays a percentage of what they get from the advertiser when an ad is clicked on to the website owner.

This is why websites with good content get displayed for online searches without having to pay to be there.

There are many other search engines running the same type of Pay Per Click program as Google.
Here's a lnk to a 20 different search engines, click here.

To Make Money from Google Ads you need to:

   Focus your website on a specific keyword phrase, being searched for online,
      where advertisers are paying a lot for their ads to be clicked on.

   Sign up for Google AdSense.

   Create a lot of good content which is focus on a specific keyword phrase for your website.

To begin follow the steps below.

 Advatages & Disadvantages


Be informed,
click here.

Be Passionate


You can have a website about anything want.

To see how,
click here

Computer Set Up

Here are some tips to make your life easier when working on your computer:

 Set Your Goals

Make sure your Goal is to Make Money.

Don't go b
roke trying to promote a dream, click here.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is done to find the actual search terms people enter into the search engines.

When comparing this to what advertisers are prepared to pay for a keyword or phrase,
you can inject your website into the money that's flowing through the Internet.
To begin, click here

Domain Name - Choosing & Registering Your Website Name

Your Website Name is commonly referred to as a Domain Name.
Here's how to select your Website's Domain Names, click here.

Attaching Your Domain Name To Your Website

Your website is not visible to the public until we attach your website name to your Income Activator website.

Once you have your Domain i Name(s) registered with either GoDaddy or someone else, click here.

You can also forward your Domain Name to your website when it's live, here's how.

Create Business Email Acount

Google offers a free business email account that operates exactly like Gmail, but your email can include your website address.
It's a lot more professsional looking.
To see how and where to register for a business email, click here.

 Website Set Up


  Make Your Website your home page, click here.

 Adding Google AdSense for Ads to be Displayed on Your Website


You can immediately create a revenue stream with Click Ads.

Google offers a free program, called AdSense, which allows you to display their advertiser's ads on your website.

When a visitor to your website clicks on a Google Ad, you are paid a percentage of what Google is paid by their advertiser.
To view how, click here


Add Google Anayltics to Track Your Visitor Traffic

It is important to if you are getting visitors to your website.

Google Analytics is a free program that will track your visitor traffic and much more.
To see what if offers, click here.
How To add Google Analytics to your website, click here

Make Sure Your Website Pages Don't Have Errors

Google Webmaster is a tool that finds errors in your website pages
blocking search engines from displaying them to online searches.
To see more of what it offers, click here.

Privacy Policy

You need to respect, and inform your visitors of your Privacy Policy.

There are many ways of doing this. To view, click here.

Sales Path


WKnow your sale path to making money.

hen ever a visitor comes to your website, you need to have created a clear sales path that they follow,
that earns you money.

To find out how to do this, click here.

 Niche Market


How To Target Your Website Into Your Niche Market - Use keyword and stay loyal
About Niche Marketing, click here.

Google Places

Click here.

Traffic - Getting Visitors To Your Website 

How to Get people to Your Website. Click here.

Content - Creating Good Content 

How to make money through Content. To see how, click here.
How to make money through Pictures. To see how, click here.
How to make money through Videos. To see how, click here.

Email Marketing


How to collect email adresses and build a client list, click here

Article Marketing


How to get people to Your website through Article Marketing click here   


How to do a press release, click here.
How to  turn a Survery into a Press Release. To see how, click here

Outsourcing Labor


When you need help, there's outsourcing services available.

To find out more, click here.
To Make Money from Google Ads, here's what you are going to find out:

1.Make Money with a Website with Content You Create

2.Advatages & Disadvantages

3.Google's AdSence Pay Per Click Revenue -Googlepays you when someone clicks on a Google Ad

4. Let's Begin -
Keywords&Click RevenueWhat Keywords Are Being Searched That Pay the Highest Click Revenue.
To see what people are searching for you can use Google's Free Keyword Tool.

Target Your Website into the Flow of Click RevenueHow to Focus Your Website to a Specific Niche.
Building your website on a Keyword Phrase is the way you're going to
'Inject Your Website' into the Click Through Revenue that's flowing through out the Internet.

Building your website on a Keyword Phrase is the way you're going to
'Inject Your Website' into the Click Through Revenue that's flowing through out the Internet.

5.Choosing Your Website Name
6Let's Make The Connection Between Your Domain Names & Your Website
7Target Your Website Into Your Niche Market- use keyword and stay loyal
8Know Your Sale's Strategyt + R = CGetting people to Your Website SEO / getting them to click
9Add Google AdSense To Your Website Pages to Get Paid from Click Revenue

10 Add google analytics
11 Advanced Intenet Markting Options traffic / email list / higher click revenue

Target Your Website into the Flow of Click Revenue

Content based websites can be created by Writing About Something,
Assembling Pictures or Videos, or a combination of all of this.
You can even use Pictures & Videos you find online.
You can have a website about anything you have a passion for, as long as is it works finacially for you.
For example,I was not in the insurance industry when I set up aCar Insurance Rate Quoteservice.
I thought that driver, like me, would enjopy saving money by finding the lowest rate quote.
You don't have to have a licence in a particular field to have a website about that industry.
Professionals look for all kinds of websites to put their ads on to get traffic.
A website related to their business, but not in competion with them is the best!
For instance, you don't have to be a lawyer, or a doctor, to have a website about 'Medical Malpractice' lawsuits.
Your website could have interviews with doctors & lawyers about lawsuits & ads where people 'click' for more information.

Advatages & Disadvantages
The draw back with Google's Asense Pay Per Click Model is that Google pays you a very small percentage
of the Pay Per Click Revenue. Only pennies, on the dollar.
The advatage is once you feel comfortable with the idea that Advertisers are happy to to pay You/Google
for your website visitors, then you may want to try a far more profitable Pay Per Click Revenue Model.
There is a Pay Per Click program built into your Income Activator Website, that operates exactly like Googles Pay Per Click Program.
The difference is you get 100% of the Click Revenue. The draw back here is you need to contact the Advertisers directly to to pay you.
The Bottom line however is that it becomes a far more really profitable business venture for you. Click here for more information.

Google's AdSence Pay Per Click Revenue

pays you when someone clicks on a Google Ad on your website.
Get Google working for YOU and use the Search Engines to Make Money.
Search Engines, like GoogleLove Content Rich Websites & Display these Websites when people Search for Kewyword Phrases.
80% of people searching for what they typed into the Search Bar, click on the Website Links, not on the Google Ads.
So it's in Google's interest to have Websites display their Ads.
Here's an example of aGoogle Searchwhen I typed in with the Keyword Phrase . . . 'Pet Collars.'
To Make Money from Google Ads Create a . . .
Content Rich Website . . . Targeted on a Keyword Phrase. . . With Google Ads On It.

Let's Begin
You can 'Inject' your website into the money flowing through out the Internet, from Click Revenue, by creating a Content.
You need to know2things:

1. Keywords& Click Revenue
What Keywords Are Being Searched That Pay the Highest Click Revenue.

2. Target Your Website into the Flow of Click Revenue
How to Focus Your Website to a Specific Niche.

Keywords & Click Revenue
Millions of searches are made every hour on the Internet.
To see what people are searching for you can use Google's Free Keyword Tool.
* To see how to use the Google Keyword Tool,click here.

* To try the Google Keyword Tool,click here.
(Note: You will not be able to see the Cost Per Click until you sign up with Adwords)
To Get Full Access to Data in Google's Keyword Planner you need to sign up with Google Adwords. It's Free.
You will be signing up for many Free Tools. Keep all your Logins & Passwords in the same safe place.
* To see how to sign up for Google Adwords,click here.

* To sign up for Google Adwords,click here.
(Note:You will need a Google Gmail Email Address before signing up. If you don't have one,click here to get one.It's Free)
Once you've signed up for Google Adwords, and have full access to the Keyword Planner you can begin to find:

The most popular Keywords people are entering.
2.What Google is charging advertisers for 'Clicks' based on these Keywords.
To see how to use the Keyword Planner in Your Adwords Account,click here.

Target Your Website into the Flow of Click Revenue

Targeting your website is know as Niche Marketing.

Building your website on a Keyword Phrase is the way you're going to
'Inject Your Website' into the Click Through Revenue that's flowing through out the Internet.

* Make sure you know what topic or information the Keyword Phrase you're selecting if really about what you think it's about.
A way of doing this is to put in your Keyword Phrase intoGoogle's Search Bar
then click on some of the Ads & Website links that come up.
You will begin to see a pattern of information that comes up.
That will be what the Keyword Phrase is about.
For example 'Raw Food Diet' could be for people, or dogs.
Get a Keyword phrase that is targeted to exactly what you want to talk about on your website.
You can find the Keyword Phrase you want to use fromGoogle's Keyword Tool.
To do this look for a 'Keyword Phrase' with:

Low Competion

High Local Monthly Searches (50,000 is a good average to look for)

High Approximate CPC (A High Cost Per Click Dollar Amount)
However these are just suggestions. There are no rules.

When you're looking for a Keyword Phrase for your Website,
also look to see if that Keyword Phrase can be
registered as your Website Name, commonly known as a Domain Name.

Choosing Your Website Name

You can have as many Website Domain Names as you wish which all can direct people straight to Your Website.

You may want up to 5 Domain Names pointing to 1 Website.

The benefit of having multiple website names all pointing to your website,
is that you can cover off the below categories and give yourself a huge marketing edge

All Domain Names have extensions like .com,.ca, .infoand lots more,click here.
Always try to get a.comextension as it's the most mainstream.

Most people that hear the Domain Name naturally enter in a.comexchange.No one ever got rich selling a .netexchange.

When buying a Website Name make sure you cover off the following areas:

1.Keyword Friendly:Have a 'Keyword Enriched' Domain Name, that will generate visitors.View How

2.Your Name:Register your 'Own Name' as a Domain Name, so no one uses your name for their own benefit.View Why

3.Be Memorable:Have a 'Memorable' Domain Name that's easy for someone to type to find your site.View Why

4.Your Country:Get Your Memorible Name in Your Country Extension. ca (ie. .ca .us .uk)

5.Get Mobile:Get your ' Memorible Domain Name' in a Mobile Extesion; www.Memorible

To see if your Domain Name selections are available, and to register them, go to by clicking on this Logo
GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar
(Warning:Not pay any more than $11.99 per year for a Domain Name)You have everything you need for hosting with Income Activator.

Let's Make The Connection Between Your Domain Names & Your Website

Once you have registered your Domain Name(s) with or with another Registra,
we at Income Activator will need to attach your Domain Names to your website.
You swill be able to view your website online within 2 business days or earlier after completing the form below.

To do this we will need your Registra's Name and Login information:

Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number
Best time to call you.
Enter in your Registra's Company Name (ie. GoDaddy) that you registered your Domain Name(s) with.
Their Phone Number
The Login to your Registra's Company.
The Password to your Registra's Company.
Enter in your Keyword Enriched Domain Name (ie. www.Keyword
Enter in your Domain Name for Your Name (ie. www.Jane
Enter in your Memoriable Name (ie. www.Memorialble
Enter In your Memoriable Name with your Country's Exchange (ie. www.My
Enter in your Mobile Name ( ie. Memorible
Do you have any other Domain Names (ie. a .ca name) you want us to point to your website. If so enter them here.

Target Your Website Into Your Niche Market

Once you've decided on a Keyword Phrase,
ou can start creating your website pages to 'Inject' your website into the
that's flowing through out the Internet from Click Revenue.
Do do this you need to:
* Stay 'Loyal' to your 'Keyword Phrase'
You can communicate your message to people visiting your website in many ways. You can:
d)Use Videos.
You can find related videos on the Internet, or you can create your own.

Focus on the communication you enjoy the most, or combine them. There are no rules.

Know Your Sale's Strategy
This is often referred to as your Sales Funnel.
In this case your Sales Funnel is:Traffic + Click Action = Money
Now you have to:
1.Get people to your website.
An easy way of doing that is by capturing online searches by
properly indexing your pages so that search engines can find you.

Get your visitors to click on your ads.

1.Getting people to Your Website

Right now you will be getting Traffic to your website from Online Searches.

This capture Online Searches you'll need to set up your website pages so that the Search Engines,
like Google can index them properly.

This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Notice the little magnifying glass in the picture.
To get Online Search Traffic, your website needs focuss on your Keyword Phrase.

This is known as Niche Marketing. This is how to inject your website in the flow of Click Revenue.
We want Google to display your website, before others and visitors click on your Ads, not others.

This can bring you in hundreds, even thousands of dollars in Click Revenue
when done properly.
Income Activator has set up your website pages so search engines can read them.
When you follow this format, your website pages will be well optimised for the search engines
to index your pages to match the right online searches.

Here's How to
Create Good SEO Website Pages
The most important thing you need to keep in mind is:
*Focuss only 1 Keyword Phrase per page, with the Contextual Keywords in the content.
*All other pages must support your main Keyword Phrase.

Your Website has
2audiences & you need to speak to both:
1.The Search Engines
2.Your Visitors
The following8steps, including the next section: Getting Visitors to Click on Your Ads, walks you through how to do this.
To begin creating your pagesLogin to your Income Activator Website by going
1.To begin, click on your Home Page & put your Keyword Phrase in Your Page Title.

2. Put your Keyword Phrase in your Menu Title. Menu Titles should be short.
If it's too long just put in 1 or 2 of the Keywords that best describes what the page is about.

3.Begin your 1st sentence with your Keyword Phrase in it.

4.Add Contextual Keywords through out your page content. In fact, it'll be easier to write the content using these keywords.
To do that enter your Keyword Phrase in theGoogle's Keyword Planner Contextual Targeting Box
*Pick Keywords from the Contextual Targeting Box that have a high Pay Per Click dollar amount.
* Use those words when writting the content for your page.

The average page contains between 350 to 500 words.
* Bullet some of your Contextual Target Keywords that have a high Pay Per Click dollar value.

7.In your 2nd paragraph link your Keyword Phrase to an 'Authority' website View Example

8.Put your Keyword Phrase in the last paragraph of your page.

Geting Your Visitors to Click on Your Ads
You have2Goals fwhencreating your website pages for your visitors:
1.Give good content.
2.Get visitors to click on your ads.
To do this you need to:

Know what someone is looking for based on the Keyword Phrase.
A way of doing this is to put in your Keyword Phrase into
Google's Search Barthen click on some of the Ads & Website links that come up.
You will begin to see a pattern of information that comes up & that will be what the Keyword Phrase is Targeting.

2.You have about 2 seconds to make it clear to your visitor that they have landed on the website that matched their search.
If you don't they're gone.
Ask yourself "Is this the information your visitor is looking for?"

This is when a Picture is worth 1,000 words comes in handy. Put up a picture to match your Keyword Phrase.
As a rule of thumb babies, puppies & woman catch the eye most often. If you could have a woman positively reinforcing
what you're product or serivce is with a baby on her lap and puppy sitting beside them . . .you score!
Make sure the Ads will help your visitor take them to the next logical step of their search.
When you are selecting the kind of ads form Google AdSense make sure you select the categories
that compliment your content and helps your visitor get to the next step of their search.

4.Your content and your ads should work together.

For examplefor the Keyword Phrase 'Medical Malpractise' . . .
purhaps a person would be looking for the percetage of payouts from these lawsuits.
May be tips to know before they call the lawyer.
You can get this information by calling a lawyer, then put their recommnedations on your website.
Tell them you're designing a website on this topic. Ask if they want to be used as a reference for Free.
It's alway good to build relationships & they may turn into a Pay Per Click client at some point.
Ironically, you can get good information about your Niche Market from the Internet.
Even though this information may already be 'out there' it may not be easily found.

Add Google AdSense To Your Website Pages to Get Paid from Click Revenue
It's Free to add Google Ads to any of your websites pages.
To view how to:
2.How to Select the Ads
3.How to put the Ads to on your Website

Click Here.
Now you can go into your website & add the Google AdSense Code to any of your pages you these ads to appear on.

Add Google Analytics to Your Website Pages to Measure Traffic
Google Analytics showsyou how many visitors come to your website & more.

This is a Free service & a must.
It tells you:

1.The number of people coming to your website.

2.Where they're coming from (Google, other Search Engines or Websites)

3.How Long they're staying
How long they're staying is a good indicator if your visitors are finding what they were
looking for from their online search & if the information on your website is clear.
4.Are they clicking on your links
If you have 10 people go to your website & didn't click on any Ads, oh well.
If you have 1,000 people go to your website& didn't click on any Ads, oh Hell.

5.What pages are they visiting.
If you're getting a lot of clicks from a particular page, expand on that topic & make more money!

6.It tells you which keywords visitors are searching for that directed them to your website.
If it's a kewyword phrase you don't have a page on, create one to get more traffic & more clicks.

7.Which Pages they land on & exit from.

8.Are thes new or returning visitors
To Sign Up for Google Analytics to get the Code to put into your website pages for ads to appear,click here

Advanced Intenet Markting Options
Increase Your Traffic
There are other ways of getting visitors to your website,Check it Out.
Building An Email List
It's important to build a list of people that visit your website that you could potentially sell to later.
Here are 2 ways of doing this:
1.Ask Campaigns
2.Offer Free Stuff
3.Higher Paying Affiliate Links

Ask Campaigns
It is always good to get your visitor's feedback from your website.
You can do that by Asking your visitors, on the front page of your website, if they found what they were looking for.
If not, ask them what it is they're looking for, letting them know that perhaps you can help them find it.
Making a question form is very easy,here's how.
By asking this question, you will also end up with their name and email address too.
Plus, their comments will help you better focuss your website content to your visitors needs,
increasing your click revenue.

Higher Paying Affiliate Links
When you reply to people that have responded to you, you begin to build a relationship with your email list,
at some point they may buy from you.
There are all kinds of affiliate products you can advise them of, that may be of interest to them.
For example lets say the person was looking at how to relieve headaches. Have they ever tryied hypnotism?
There are many Information products available on All you need to do is match the product to the request. is Free & Registration is Immediate. For more information about the affiliate,click here.
As you're building your email list, you can begin to email out useful information to the people that have asked you to help them out.
To do this, send out a text message, and include a link in the email to one of your website pages hosting this information on it.
Not everything should be a sale, but everything should include your Google Ads.
This can turn into a Member's List or Newsletter Subscription down the line.

Offer Free Stuff
Another way of building an email list is to offer free information.
For Example: If your website was focussed on Fire Extinguishers, you may say on your front page . . .
Here are the 3 things you need to know, right now,
to protect yourself against a fire in your home.
Please let me know where to email your Fire Protection Top 3 List.
What other fire safety concern do you have? Perhaps, I can help.

Take a look at how I've set up this offer.
1.I include a link to the Top 3 List in the Thank You page,
in case the email gets lost in their Spam filter.
2.I add credibilty to my information through National Fire Protection Videos I found online.
3.I add 2 additional videos, I found online, that are relavant, but hilarious.
This is meant to generate more visitor traffic by someone sending this to their friend.
This is know as Viral Marketing.
4.The Pay Per Click Advertiser is set up but does not go through Google AdSense.
I set this advertiser up myself through Income Activator's Pay Per Click model.
Normally this Advertiser would pay Google $4 per click, which Google would only pa me a few cents.
This advertiser is paying me $2 per click & saving himself $2 by not running his Google Ad on my website.
Further I can customise their ad to fit the content of the page.
To find out moer about the Pay Per Click Model you can set up yourself, click here.

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