Make Money From Your PetNo one knows you're a dog when you're online.

You can turn your 'Best Friend' into your 'Sugar Doggy!'

Ross Kaminshy, host of 630 KHOW Radio, interviews Lee Romanov on how her dog Shiner, an English Bull Terrier, is paying his way!

Ross has two French Bull dogs and he feels they should step up their game, and contribute to the family fund too! 

Make Money From YouTube's Viral Videos

You can make money online from your pet using YouTube's viral & trending videos, pay-per-click ads (PPC), affiliate products, and by sending leads to companies that pay you, as shown in this video.  

Here are a couple examples of pet websites you can start with:    Dog & Girl Website

TV Host, Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Video

Whether you want to make money from your website yourself, or by using your pet, the process is the same.

Here's an example of TV Host, Jimmy Kimmel who set up a fake video to demonstrate how a video can go viral.

BUT... here's how you can make money from Jimmy's video and others like it: How To Make Money From YouTube's Viral Videos.

Make money YouTube videos PPC

Think About It

people and businesses are spending their time and money creating these amazing viral videos, which you get to put on your website, for free, and make money from them using any number of revenue streams.

Google AdSense

You can register for Google AdSense, for free, and put Google’s  pay-per-click ads on your website. You get paid up to 68% of the revenue the advertiser pays Google every time  a visitor from your site clicks on one of these ads.

Your Own Online Store

You can register for free at and sell any one of their 1000s of information products, and get paid up to 75% commission.  Or you can register for free with Commission Junction and sell any number of physical products, and get paid up to 10% commission. Your Income Activator website comes with an online store.


You can send leads to companies you recommend, especially to your veterinarian!  When you get your Income Activator website platform you can send leads to any company you recommend.  You create your own referral rate, your leads are tracked, and your invoices are automatically created.  

This is the most  lucrative revenue stream. Veterinarians and dog trainers can pay you up to $40 per lead.  Other services, like law firms, pay up to $200 per lead! 

The New Rich Are Creating HUB Websites For Profit

Creating a HUB website is simple. You get a ready-to-go website where you start adding in your own content. You put YouTube videos on your pages, send out emails to your friends, and invite people to contribute their stories to your website. You also have pay-per-click ads, an online store, and a referral form on each page to create revenue.

Here are a couple examples of HUB Pet websites you can start with. Or you can create your own, or we can build it to your specs. (There's a cost for having IA build your website for you).  Get your Income Activator website by completing the form to the right.    Dog & Girl Website

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