Websites Are Meant To Make Money & Solve Problems Too!

We are all exhausted by the rhetoric we get from corporations, politicians, and even our friends... when we ask hard questions... and get the answer like... "Everything Is Great" or "Fine"

We need honesty more than ever!

We need to address reality as shown in this video... I hope you enjoy it.

Get Your Greatest Message Out To The World

Your website allows you to get your greatest message out to the world... so do so and start solving people's problems!  

Everything isn't fine. 

But with problems,  come businesses... with solutions.  

Every problem can be monetized, and you can monetize it on your website.

Income Activator's website platform allows you to make money online from your advice.

Even if you can't solve the problem... there are professionals that can.

These professionals like counselors, coaches, chiropractors, physiotherapists, hypnotists, and so forth, are businesses that are probably paying Google for pay per click ads to get leads.

This can be a waste of money because a lot of these clicks are from kids, or competitors!

This can cost them $40 per click! These professionals would jump at the chance to pay you for your qualified leads.

How To Make Money From Your Advice

You can make money from your advice by sending your visitors to businesses that can help them. Here's how leads work.

Send 1 Lead To 1 Business  -

Send 1 Lead To Multiple Businesses -


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