sales SecretsDon't spend another dime on a course teaching you how to sell online, until you see the BIG Secret the self proclaimed gurus don't want you to know.

The BIG Secret

Only 1% of your visitor traffic may buy.

That means, to make a $120,000 a year from a $20 product, you'd need 3,300 new visitors a day to your website!  Which is really hard to do!

Most BIG Money Companies don't sell to their visitors... they make money from leads.

 Sales vs Leads

You can sell online, but you should also send leads to businesses you recommend.

There is BIG money in it!  

Your Income Activator website builder comes with lead tracking software that allows you to do what the big money companies do.

Most people will follow your advice, and will complete a referral form, if it's free for them to do so, and it will direct them to a business that can help them.

To make $120,000 a year from $20 leads, you only need 40 people a day to your website, with only 17 people completing your referral form.

All you need to do to send leads to companies is to ASK them if they'd be interested in paying you for your leads.  Start with the businesses you're already recommending to your friends. They're probably already paying companies like Google for leads, so why not pay you!?

Here's how to find advertisers to send leads to....

sales vs leads

2 Lead Revenue Models

PPC and leads

1. Pay Per Click Ads

PPC revenueYou can use  Pay Per Click Ads from affiliates like AdMedia and Google. You can register for Google AdSense, for free, and put Google ads on your website. Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them when a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.  Here's more...

Income Activator also has it's own pay per click software. This means you can send Pay Per Click Leads to your own advertisers, cutting out the middleman. Here's more...

2. Referrals

You can place Referral Forms on your website which send better qualified leads to your referral businesses because it includes the visitor's information.

You can refer up to 40% of your website traffic and make money from it.

The best way to encourage your visitors to complete your referral form is to offer a savings or benefit, like a free consultation, provided by your referral company you're sending the lead to. 

You can send one lead to one business,

Or send one lead to multiple businesses at a time, read more...

Already Have A Website?

If you already have a website, you can use Income Activator's Pay Per Click and Lead software as an add-on to your website, read more.

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