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1. How To Create A Website That Makes Money

2. How Referrals Make You Money

3. How To Start Your Own Pay Per Click Program

4. Keep 100% Of Your Pay Per Click Revenue

5. Referral Revenue vs Sales Revenue

6. How To Find Advertisers Wanting To Pay You For Leads 

7. Make Money From Content - An Online Conversation 


Article by Lee Romanov, president of, a website builder you control with over 10 revenue streams.

Lee Romanov is an expert in referral revenue, sold her referral website to media giant Torstar, and consulted for them, which resulted in a department focused on referral revenue. Torstar profited a second time, through the sale of Romanov's referral website, to Kanetix.

Lee has been a columnist for Canada's National newspaper The Globe & Mail, and the Toronto Star. She created and hosted her own Talk TV show for CP24. A well know author, her recent book TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires tells how you
can make money online. Lee has received numerous Canada Newswire (CNW) Top Ten Awards for the highest read press releases, and is certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies (SEO). Lee is an expert in making money online.

Lee Romanov is available for Speaking Engagements, and as a Business Consultant

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