HUB Websites & Lead Revenue
Lee Romanov made millions of dollars online by creating one of the world’s 1st HUB Websites, sending Leads to businesses that paid her.

lee romanovIncome Activator Websit Builder
Romanov tells entrepreneurs how
to do what she did, and created Income Activator,  a Website Builder for them to make it happen.

Business In A Box & Recurring Income
Included, is a Business in a Box, for entrepreneurs to create Recurring Income giving lasting online wealth.

The Why

Lee could not figure out why so many entrepreneurs struggled to make money online. Then, through a chain of unforeseen events, described in this video, Lee figured it out 'The Hard Way!'

Entrepreneurs struggle to make money because they do the opposite of what the multi-million-dollar companies do online.

Entrepreneurs create their own content, products, and services, and sell to their visitor traffic, resulting in only 1% of their website traffic buying. (At $20 per sale, 100 visitors is $20).

Multi-Million-Dollar Companies get their content for free, and send leads to businesses that pay them, with up to 40% of their website traffic turning in to lead revenue. (At $20 per lead, 100 visitors is $800).

HUB Websites

Businesses that get free content, and make money from leads, Lee refers to as HUB Websites. Most multi-million-dollar online companies are HUB websites. This video shows you what a HUB Website is, and how it works.

In 1994, Lee Romanov launched InsuranceHotline.comquoting drivers the lowest car insurance rates.

Insurance Hotline is a HUB Website.
Lee got the rates from the insurance industry, and sent $5 leads to agents, averaging $50,000 per month, in lead revenue.

Most multi-million-dollar companies are a HUB Websites. Have you ever noticed Google's homepage is just a search bar, sending leads to businesses that pay them? Google is a HUB Website and makes billions of dollars a year.  More on Hub Websites.

Profitability Of Leads

lead revnueAt one point in time, Lee had to temporarily STOP sending leads to agents, and had to adopt a 'Consumer Pay Model' and her monthly income instantly dropped from $30,000 to $1,000.

It was then she realized how profitable the 'Lead Model' really was to making money online. 

Income Activator Website Builder

income activator website builder featuresWhen Lee sold Insurance to Media Giant TORSTAR, she went on to create the only Website Builder, Income, and included everything an entrepreneur would need to create their own online income.

Plus, she added in the same 'Lead Tracking Software' used by the multi-million-dollar companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, AngiesList, Home Advisor, etc. 

Online Income

Now all entrepreneurs can create online income just like the multi-million-dollar companies do, by sending leads to businesses that pay them. 

leads wantedThe Money's In The Recommendations

Think about it, you are your own Directory, your own AngiesList.

You are always giving advice on who is the best fitness instructor, what accountant to use, or which lawyer gives free consultations, but, when you do it online you can now get paid for it. 

Recurring Income

online recurring incomeLee also discovered that she had to continually promote Insurance Hotline to make money online through leads, whereas the insurance companies where making millions from policy renewals.

With the Income Activator Website Builder, not only can you send leads to businesses that pay you, just like the multi-million-dollar companies do, but you can also create a Recurring Income using the Business in a Box platform. 

Business In A Box

Business In A Box a Creating a 'Recurring Income' allows you to build 'True Wealth' and not have to work every day. 

With that in mind, Lee, along with other industry experts, created a 'Business In A Box' solution.

Now entrepreneurs can create their own recurring income from the sale of a product that renews annually. 

In today's economic climate it is extremely advantages for people to really learn how to create their own online income. The '
Business in a Box' is everything an entrepreneur would need to do this.

Business in a box packageIt includes the Income Activator Website Builder, Hosting, Branding, Sponsors & Media Contacts, Weekly Mentoring, plus a TV Show Spotlight Live Streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV, and Android TV. 

 Here's more about its benefits...

Now, for free, the entrepreneur can create their own recurring income but selling the 'Business In A Box' as their own product.

The cost of the Business in a Box is $1,599 annually, of which the entrepreneur is paid $800 per sale, and annually too. 100 clients earn the entrepreneur $80,000 annually, and the sky's the limit on how many sales they make.

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