Business In A Box

Everything an entrepreneur needs is in the Business In A Box.

Business In A Box a In today's economic climate it is extremely advantages for people to really learn how to create their own online income.

Business in a Box helps people create their own online income in 2 ways.

1. Business in a Box Solution: Many entrepreneurs try to make money online using website builders that are little more than an online brochure, and online brochures DO NOT make money.

The 'Business in a Box' includes the Income Activator Website Builder with all the revenue software needed to create an online income, along with Branding, Sponsors & Media Contacts, Weekly Mentoring, and a TV Show Spotlight.

2.  Recurring Income: The 'Business in a Box' can be added to the entrepreneur’s product lines, and when sold, creates a recurring annual income for them. The cost of the Business in a Box is $1,599 annually, of which the entrepreneur is paid $800 per sale, and annually too. 100 sales earn the entrepreneur $80,000 annually,

Recurring Income

recurring income Creating a 'Recurring Online Income' is the main ingredient to achieving 'True Wealth.'

For free, the entrepreneur can create their own recurring income by selling the 
Business In A Box, by adding it to their product line.

The cost of the Business in a Box is $1,599 annually, of which the entrepreneur is paid $800 per sale, and annually too.

100 clients earn the entrepreneur $80,000 annually, and the sky's the limit on how many sales they make.

There are over 100,000 million people using website builders like WordPress, GoDaddy, and WIX, and spending thousands of dollars trying to make money online. The Business In A Box gives them exactly what they need to help skyrocket their income potential at a fraction of their spending right now.

Business In A Box Solution

Business in a box packageEverything an entrepreneur needs is in the Business In A Box.

It includes the Income Activator Website Builder, Hosting, Branding, Sponsors & Media Contacts, Weekly Mentoring, plus a TV Show Spotlight Live Streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV, and Android TV.

Here's what's included in the Business in a Box.

1. Website Builder & Hosting

Websites Are Meant To Make Money.  Income Activator's All-Inclusive Website Platform comes with all the software you need, so you can begin creating your online income today.

Online Revenue & Marketing Strategies.

Everything is included. An e-commerce store, hosting, unlimited pages, how to videos, membership, pay-per-click and lead tracking software.

This means you can create your own online Directory, sending leads to business that pay you. Now you can get paid for your recommendations to other businesses.

2. TV Show Spotlight

Promote Your Online Business With Your TV Show Spotlight.

Imagine what having your own TV show would mean to you, and your business.

Today, you can have your own 5 Minute TV Show Spotlight on the WWTVN Channel streaming live on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV, and Android TV. This is an audience over 50 million households!

Once you have your own TV Show Spotlight you can use it to present to sponsors that could fund your Own TV Series!

3. Sponsorships

Every Business Needs Corporate Sponsors. Be sponsored for $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 even $100,000 annually!

Any business can have sponsors. Plus, it's free money, and it increases the credibility of your businesses. You can get sponsors if you are a startup, kitchen tabletop entrepreneur, or have a full-fledged business.

STOP looking for Angel Investors, instead, look for Angel Sponsors who are interest is in your vision, NOT in paying them back with interest.

Included is our 'tried and true' Sponsorship Proposal Template, plus 400 Top Level Corporate Sponsor Contacts, that have sponsored businesses, like yours, for thousands of dollars annually. 

4.  Media Contacts

The Media Package has 400 Talk Radio Show contacts, with listening audiences from 500,000 to 100,000.
radio contacts
Radio Is The Best Promotion

All you have to do is pick up the phone from anywhere, at any time, and get interviewed.

You will be delighted from the response you receive from these mainstream radio stations.

Included are the radio station names, addresses, and what the radio show topics are. Plus, you receive the hosts and producer's names, phone numbers, and emails too!

5. Branding

Branding made easy!

Branding yourself gives you recognition in your field of expertise. It also opens doors, and creates a lasting impression on potential, and existing clients.

By having your own brand, you have control over the initial perception people have of you, and your business.

Don't guess what your Brand is, the Admanity Branding Report tells you the exact emotions, colors, copying writing & strategies you need for your brand's success.

6. Weekly Mentoring

Weekly Mentoring & Networking via Zoom.

You are introduced to a new marketing strategy, from increasing your visitor traffic to converting your traffic into revenue, every Wednesday at 3 pm PST.

When you have a question on how to grow your business, our experts freely give their advice from their experience. This time also includes the opportunity for you to present your business to our networking group of entrepreneurs.

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