HUB Websites

HUB Websites are the most profitable way of creating online income.

hub websitesThey get their content for free, and send leads to businesses that pay them.
That's it!

In 1994, Lee Romanov launched, which quoted drivers the lowest car insurance rates. This was one of the 1st HUB Websites in the world.

Lee got the insurance industry rates, and sent $5 leads to agents, averaging $50,000 per month, in lead revenue.

HUB Websites Make Millions

Have you ever noticed Google's homepage is just a search bar,
sending leads to businesses that pay them?  Google is a HUB Website, and makes billions of dollars a year. Here are other HUB Websites making millions, and billions of dollars annually:

YouTube is a HUB Website, YouTube does not create videos, they get their videos for free, and sends leads to businesses that pay them.  Annual income over 28  billion.

Pinterest is a HUB Website, it gets its pictures for free, and sends leads to businesses that pay them. Annual income over 2.5  billion.

AngiesList is a HUB Website, contractors give them their content for free, and Angie sends leads back to contractors that pay them. Annual income over 1.6  billion.

Huffington Post is a HUB Website, journalists give them their articles for free, and HuffPost sends leads to businesses that pay them. Annual income over 540 Million.

Uber is a HUB Website, people offer their cars as taxis, and Uber is paid by sending leads back to the drivers. Annual income over 17  billion.

Airbnb is a HUB Website, people offer their homes as rentals, and Airbnb is paid by sending them back leads. Annual income over 6 billion.

Insurance Hotline is a HUB Website, insurance companies supply their rates, and Insurance Hotline makes money by sending leads to insurance agents and brokers. 

After selling to Media Giant TORSTAR, Lee was going to create a website sending leads to lawyers, as lawyers can pay up to $250 per lead, so Lee's first step was to get a Website Builder.

Website Builders

Website HubsWhen Lee went to look at the Website Builder options from some of the more popular Website Builders like, WordPress, GoDaddy, WIX, etc., she was shocked to see that NONE of them had Pay-Per-Click or Lead Tracking Software. 

With Lee's experience of making millions of dollars online, she could NOT make any of these website builders make money!

Further, she was horrified to see these Website Builders would start by giving the entrepreneur an 'Inadequate Website', then up sell them on the software they left out, sadly, turning the entrepreneur into their revenue stream!

Income Activator Website Builder

income activator all inclusive website builderWith over 2 million in her pocket from the sale of Insurance Hotline, Lee Romanov used that money to create, an All-Inclusive Website Builder.

It included everything the entrepreneur needs to make money online, plus the 'Lead Tracking Software' allowing the entrepreneur to send leads to business that pay them, just like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest do. Plus, have the ability to set up their own Business Directories, just like AngiesList and Home Advisor, sending leads to business that pay them.

Leveled The Playing Field

Website builder Leveling Playing Field

There's a reason why we aren't all Internet Millionaires by now.  

We never had the 'Lead Tracking Software' used by the multi-million-dollar companies to create their online income.

When Lee created the Website Builder, she 'Leveled The Playing Field' by giving entrepreneurs the same 'Lead Tracking Software' to create an their own online income just like the 'Big Tech' multi-million-dollar companies. 

The Big Tech Companies, like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., kept the 'Pay-Per-Click and Lead Tracking Software' to themselves! Now the entrepreneurs can compete using the same income strategies, sending leads to businesses that pay them too.

The Mainstream Website Builders, like WordPress, GoDaddy, WIX, etc., protected the revenue streams of the 'Big Tech Companies' by never making the 'Pay-Per-Click and Lead Tracking Software' available to the entrepreneur! The Income Activator Website Builder has 'Right the Wrong', and now entrepreneurs have access to the 'Profitable Lead Tracking Software.'

Lee Romanov, this is her story on how she discovered the 'Profitability of Leads.' Enjoy!

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