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lee romanov cnnLee Romanov is comfortable being on TV as she had her own TV Talk Show. 

She's done many remote interviews too, such as the one on CNN about her study looking at 100,000 driver's tickets and accidents, and comparing it to the astrological signs. 

Below is her TV Demo Reel, before she sold to Media Giant TORSTAR, an interview she did on CTV about her book Car Carma, and an interview with Steve Harrison, founder of Meet The Media, about Lee's Website Builder Income

Insurance Hotline Talk TV Show

Lee Romanov produced, and hosted, her own live to air Talk TV Show on CP24, Toronto's most popular new station. Her show ran for 4 years in prime time, 6 pm and 9 pm.  

The Talk Show featured invited guests such as Police Sergeants, Politicians,  Government Officials, Insurance Industry Experts, Doctors, and so forth. The portion of the show also included live callers. Many of them not happy with their insurance company. Who is?

Lee knows how to respond to all types of 'on air' situations in a curious and professional manner.

Lee Romanov Has Done Many Live To Air Interviews

Here an interview on CTV The Morning Show, Lee did about her book Car Carma.

Car Carma is a satirical look at driver's tickets and accidents when comparing them to their astrological sign. The book also provides good information about tickets, driving, insurance and the law.

Romanov received over 1 million visitors to her website after launching a study comparing driver's tickets and accidents to their astrological signs.

readers Digest car carmaCar Carma has been featured by the media in Canada, USA, and internationally.

It was also included in Reader's Digest's Special Edition of America's 100 Best.

Lee Romanov Is Comfortable In 'Sit Down' Extended Interviews

Book publisher, and founder of Meet The Media, Steve Harrison talks to Lee Romanov about her website builder, Income Activator, and how it helps people monetize their knowledge, and experience, without them having to sell anything.

Steve is completely taken back on how that is even possible!


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