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To Get Rich... By Telling People Where To Go is a dream come true for many of us.

Through your own experience you can be paid for giving advice. 

Through your own experience you can be paid for giving advice. You can become an authority that people go to get the best information or recommendations.

The Money Is In The Recommendations

You can have people flocking to your website to see which companies offer the best services or who to buy from. You do it every day and it works this, imagine an accounting firm paid you $40 every time you recommended them. The internet allows you to get paid just like that for your recommendations, big time!

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TODAY's Multi-Millionaires tells how you can be paid through the knowledge and experience you have right now.

Your Opinion Has A Market Value

You can make money through your recommendations by sending people to companies that pay you.

Even better, you don’t need to talk to anyone to begin earning money online. Just read this book!

“I wrote this book after I built and sold to TORSTAR. All I was doing was recommending to people where to go, which generated millions of dollars in revenue.

I discovered that up to 40% of people will follow your recommendations, which you can be paid for as leads. Where as, only 1% of your visitor traffic might buy from you online" reports Romanov.

Car Carma... and the inner driver  Download Ca Carma

car carma

While Lee Romanov had the website,  she always found it surprising that young drivers, with no tickets or accidents, were charged 3 and 4 times higher than older drivers with tickets and accidents.

She had a database of 100,000 drivers, so one day she decided to compare the tickets and accidents between Young Drivers and Older Drivers and found that there was only a 2.7% difference.  which she felt didn't want a 3 to 4 times rate hike.

Then a light bulb went on, and Lee decided to compare the same data to the driver's Astrological Signs and was shocked to find a 47% difference in tickets and accidents!

So, she put out a simple press release saying that, "The insurance companies have is wrong! They should not be basing their car insurance rates on the driver's age, but on their astrological signs!" And she included the comparison data of the $100,000 drivers.

lee romanov cnn

The media went wild!  She was picked up by CNN, CBC, BBC, and the story was being reported worldwide!

In one day Lee had over 1 million visitors to her website. Romanov reported, "I guess no one likes the rates the insurance companies charge for tickets and accidents, and now this is proof that they're gouging our young drivers with unreasonable rate hikes!"

Then Lee uploaded her data and notes to a book she named, Car Carma... and the inner driver.

car carmaCar Carma, a satirical book comparing driver's tickets and accidents to their astrological sign. The book also provides good information about tickets, driving, insurance, and the law.  Car Carma was also featured in Reader's Digest's Special Edition of America's 100 Best. 

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